Modern phoenix: The bird brought back from extinction in Japan


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A rare case of China-Japan diplomacy. Birds are real!

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i want to go there but my partner is worried about the recent earthquakes. I love birds, and wake up to sound of pheasants every morning.

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Heart warming article, good job .

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The chemicals affected the birds and their food

And I shudder to think the affect on humans!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone thought of that?

A rare case of China-Japan diplomacy. Birds are real!

Yes, and I'd like to see more of that. However, given the way Japan has acted at the behest of USA, I doubt China is any mood for any more panda or toki diplomacy.

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So there are graduation for birds? Never heard of it. Quite exciting.

Japan and China love Phoenix, number of films made by both based on it's character.

The only thing I don't like is Chinese bird cage you still see in the park and tea shop like those in the movie "Hard-Boiled"

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Thank you China!

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Puts "for the birds" in a happy, positive note.

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the Chinese sparrow was considered a pest because they feed on rice grains. It was open season for the sparrows and they have gone almost extinct. The Chinese didn’t know then that these sparrows were important in keeping down the number of pests insects. So their rice harvest instead of growing dwindled.

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I hope they have equal success with the Oriental storks (kōnotori).

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What a happy story to read !

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