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Monkey survives under hood after being struck by car in Japan


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members of a local hunting club took the monkey to a mountain in Shiga and released it back into the wild.

Yikes. When I read 'local hunting club', I thought they'd shot the baby monkey right there. I really don't see what business this is of the hunting club.

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On Tuesday, members of a local hunting club took the monkey to a mountain in Shiga and released it back into the wild.

How likely is it to survive? Doesn't sound like a good solution if it's still an infant.

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If it is an infant then where is the mother? Aren't there fines for hitting animals like monkeys on the road? Giving a infant to the local hunting club doesn't bode well for the little one if it can survive by itself without a parent or a group.

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A man, whose car struck the wild monkey at around 4 p.m. Sunday while driving on a Shiga Prefecture expressway, found a dent in the front of the vehicle but no sign of the animal.

He's seriously daft if he didn't check around a little more for both the animal and damage to his car. People drive here with tunnel vision at the best of times. Pedestrian crossings as one example - no one ever 'sees' the pedestrian waiting to cross.

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Very lucky for the monkey that someone checked the engine room. Most people here rarely open the ボンネット(hood/bonnet).

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Always tell my partner to slow down in places where there are deer, boar or monkeys. Never listens.

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At ten kilos, it's a juvenile, not an infant, but as a social animal, I hope (s)he is able to find a suitable group. And when he does, boy, will he have a story to tell (you know how juveniles are).

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Did the local hunting club tag it as well... just in order to make it easier to track for the next pest control hunt ?

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