30,000 from Japan invited to Moon's funeral


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Unfortunately, there are still far too many religious crackpots around fleecing people of their cash.

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The less religious cult organizations the better. Can you imagine how many Japanese were duped into buying articles( including pots つぼ tsubo) from this cult for an extremely high price by claiming they will bring good luck? 10 billion yen were sent to this guy in certain months during 1977-1978 from Japan.

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The Church (no matter what religion or branch of) is a business that thrives off of other peoples sorrows and prayers. It is a mockery of real faith. Real faith comes from within and costs nothing. There is no need to give money to have someone tell you and guide you. That's why we have each other, to give advice and to help guide each other through the loop holes of life. The meaning of God has been transgendered to cash.

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R.I.P Moon. A great man who showed so many the way to true peace and happiness. There will never be another like him.

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“I and other followers kept praying for days at the church for his recovery, hoping that a miracle would happen… but now he will live in our hearts forever,”

People are so esily controlled.

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"There will never be another like him."

No, there'll be plenty more unfortunately.

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30,000 fools

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Thank god/s at least the Chinese Communist Party has outlawed this cult in China, so my guess if Chinese have fallen for this wacky cult, they will have to go to South Korea and pretend they are going on a vacation?? 30 thousand fools from Japan are going to this farce of a funeral?? That is 30,000 brain washed folk ready to hand over their $$$ or etc...why?? Well they are brain washed and believed anything that this Moon guy would spoon feed them, and sadly enough this is only the tip of the cults around the world. IMHO

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Love in S Korea must be something like this there. One Godfather will choose brides and grooms for thousands of mates for one big wedding. They all have never talked and seen each other before wedding. I still just can't believe it. I just wonder if this is a Korean way of life?

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hahahahaaaa kwatt,

They all have never talked and seen each other before wedding. I still just can't believe it. I just wonder if this is a Korean way of life?

Too funny. Religion in Korea encompasses a number of different traditions. Korea's religious tradition is influenced by traditional Buddhism, Muism (Korean Shamanism) with a background of Korean Confucianism, and fast growth of Christianity and the Moonies. That Moonie dude got high and started he was Jesus. Folks actually believed him..

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Whatever makes you happy, as the prophet Sheryl Crowe once famously sang. The BBC website story would suggest that the Moonies did enough fleecing of followers to buy businesses, factories and the hospital that the 'messiah' died at. Pretty effective business model, despite the obviously questionable ethics. That hasn't stopped any other religion, however. I think we should all pull a moonie salute to the falling sky and the collapsing world.

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DentShopSEP. 04, 2012 - 07:58AM JST R.I.P Moon. A great man who showed so many the way to true peace and happiness. There will never be another like him.

WRONG - There will always be another guy coming along ready to take advantage and the money of weaker people under the banner of "religon".

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But way of president and Godfather Moonie seems to be something very similar very powerful very attractive for the people.

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Readers, please do not insult religions or people who have faith. That is inflammatory.

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But way of president and Godfather Moonie seems to be something very similar very powerful very attractive for the people

I don't know why though, Moon got really popular with the Hippy crowd and those folks raised the kids under Moon's story of him being the reincarnation of Jesus. Those folks believe his words. Personally when I read he went on a spirit journey, Muism I guess. I'm assuming he took mind altering plants because I have read books that have me believe his spirit journey included mind altering plants. He came to proclaiming he is Jesus incarnate. Go figure.

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JanesBlonde - Completely agree.

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I guess he was as mortal as the rest of us.

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Hey cme on guys.. All of you are so weak in making critical comments about Rev. Moon. May be you are brainwashed by the power of Rev. Moon???. The truth is that he has survived all these accusations and oppositions in this 21st centruay....Moon is the real winner!

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Rev Sun Myung Moon by using the name of god's become a big busineesman. Whether Moon will become a saint or not because of his popularity. with hundred thousand followers around the globe. Somebody up there will make the final decision.

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Anyone with knowledge of how the Unification "Church" operates to prey upon on socially isolated and mentally vulnerable innocents would never call it a religion. It is a self-serving personality cult which sustains itself through aggressiively soliciting people to forfeit all their wealth in exchange for promises of afterlife rewards. Key to this fraudulent activity are the immense psychological pressures applied to keep people from discussing with family or friends anything about how all of their financial assets and real property have been "lost".

Anyone who is a victim of Unficiation Church agents can get help for themselves or family through a Japanese bengooshi familiar with the laws against "religious sales" - which are aggressively enforced by Japanese courts. The are several prominent University of Tokyo educated Bengooshi who have special practices dedicated to bringintg legal action against Unification Church groups involved in defrauding the Japanese public. These legal services and related social services to help people traumatized by cult brainwashing are provided by a growing network of not-for-profit groups. The Tokyo Bar Association can refer an appropriate bengooshi for consultation.

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I have been very surprised by the lack of reference in obituaries to the brainwashing tactics employed by this cult. Back in the early 1980s, before I ever got to Asia, I worked for a student exchange programme & in our orientations for students going to the USA we had a large section about cults & their dangers & how to spot them. Make no mistake, the Moonies were one such cult using the usual tactics of preying on lost looking young people, pretending to be in the same boat & slowly drawing them in. Very dangerous, insidious bunch of money grabbers who should not be whitewashed by history.

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Look at other " established " religions, I see no big difference in the business model. At least Moon managed to keep it in the family. Buy your way to Heavens. Cash preferred.

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I wonder what he is eludicating to God right now...

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The "Rev" Moon's son and his wife were banned from entering Germany and other Western European countries, where religious cults tend to be frowned upon. Stopping the spread of the Moonies is probably a good thing IMO.

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Actually, the moonies have a stronger following in Japan and the West, than Korea. Most of the Moonie membership are outside of Korea.

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Poor 30.000 Loopy !

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Koreans have mastered the cult of personality. Zoinks, what gives?

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"our love only got bigger" -that is Japanese. why the silly-sounding direct translation--

"our love grew" would be more normal sounding.

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