More gold sent to Ishinomaki by anonymous donor


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Charity aside, you would have to be absolutely crazy to give away gold or silver in the middle of a global depression.

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I wonder what NPO's got the gold. I hope not the Columbian one.

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Nice. I wish I could do that.

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I have seen the price of physical gold changing hands at 6000 yen a gram.....not too shabby eh?

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Or maybe Jeff, just maybe, ( and do forgive me for being "old-fashioned" ) he/she just wants to unselfishly help people worse off than themselves.....

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Hope that the gold received is used for the purposes it was given. That effected people can feel some sort of relief from the traumatic events that happened to them. The person who sent the gold obviously has a heart of gold for sharing the gold with people who can benefit from it. God bless.

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The person who sent the gold obviously has a heart of gold

Let's hope he's not gay, eh? Because that would spoil it all for you, wouldn't it, queer gold....

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Blessed be! Acts of kindness such as this motivate me.

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