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More rivers burst their banks triggering further floods; 25 missing

By Issei Kato

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In a couple of hours the death toll has risen. I suspect it will continue to rise if more rivers burst. I hope the SDF is not overwelmed by this. Kudos to them and for their hard work. I'm deeply thankful that none of them are deployed overseas yet. They need all the manpower they have.

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wow, more info:



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Floods that swept houses off their foundations and crushed others under landslides spread across Japan on Friday as more rivers burst their banks, leaving at least 25 people missing and forcing more than 100,000 to flee.

Thoughts and prayers for all the victims of this tragedy. I read in a piece here on JT yesterday about damage to a hotel in Nikko -- which was my favorite place to visit in Japan. What a shame.

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I'm deeply thankful that none of them are deployed overseas yet. They need all the manpower they have.

A few thousand are taking part. They have 250,000 SDF troops and 56,000 reserves. They are hardly overstretched.

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I will hope and pray for saftey for all, a terrible trial but I am glad to see the swift help and hope.

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I remember the massive floods and landslides that hit Hiroshima in 2014, which killed more than 70 people. And now, the same thing is happening in Ibaraku, Fukushima and other parts of eastern/northern Japan. While natural disasters cannot be prevented, I think Japan still lacks fundamentals regarding disaster preparedness.

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I vaguely remember sleeping on makeshift tatami mats being put on a table and whatnot when I was a little kid, as my house was flooded above the floor level due to typhoons with heavy rains. So I know so well how these flood victims feel. And when we're devastated by a natural disaster, we don't know what to do with our anger. Hope they get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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I feel deeply for Japan and it's beautiful people, I hope the death toll doesn't rise. Japan has suffered too much.

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