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More than 100,000 flee floods in eastern Japan; 7 missing

By Issei Kato

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The footage provided by NHK really highlight the huge scale of this flood. Massive property damage, numerous people missing and overflowing of nuclear radiation-contaminated water into the surrounding environment.

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The footage provided by NHK really highlight the huge scale of this flood.

I honestly thought I was looking at another tsunami, that's how bad it was. Good grief. Sometimes I think Japan is being punished, or something.

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Yes. Yesterday some people were posting how this was "nothing" and an overreaction. There ARE people who live in other parts of the country, and the news doesn't just revolve around the commenters. If you didn't have a major problem then hurray for you, but leave the scorn out of it

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The river here in Fukushima (Abukuma) is raging and insanely high! Hopefully it isn't likely to break its banks - as I live only 30 metres away. Stay safe, JTers!

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Hats off to heroic efforts of the SDF! Thank goodness they were here, an able to do their jobs, rather than be caught up in an unnessesarry war.

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It's times like these I wish I was back in Japan to help out. Stay safe, guys, and keep us informed!

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Complete kudos to the SDF involved in the rescues, especially those in the helicopters! No doubt they save a lot of lives today, and will save more still.

And it's unbelievable that some posters were saying this was "normal" and "not that big a deal", and that others didn't know what they were talking about if they thought this was a rainier than normal summer -- especially when it was the worst in FIFTY YEARS.

Stay safe, people... This is still ongoing.

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I hope it ends soon and nobody gets hurt. The german people are with you!

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Its times like these I wish I had a job I could leave for a few days so I could go help people.

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****Wonder if they get this type of weather in Tottori? Not far from Sand Dunes,.

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The SDF do a fantastic job in these situations and I'm sure there will be more troops going up to help with the clear up and distribution of aid to the victims of these terrible floods. Stay safe everyone.

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Like other posters here I also saw the TV yesterday. It was pretty amazing to watch the rescue live! Seeing the old couple sitting on the roof with the guy coming down by helicopter. I'm glad they were rescued and are safe, likewise as others mentioned; it's good to see the SDF here at home helping people in need! Great work to the pilots keeping the chopper steady in the weather they were in, and great work to the winch team!

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Usually, no news about Japan in USA news but this was a top foreign news today. CBS explained what SDF do for people in Japan.

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