More than 2,300 snow-related traffic accidents reported in Kanto region


More than 2,300 snow-related traffic accidents were reported in the Kanto region on Wednesday, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency and police officials said Thursday. Over 200 people suffered light injuries, officials said.

The Kanto region was blanketed with light snow for most of the day.

According to official statistics, 436 traffic accidents occurred in Tokyo, 616 in Kanagawa, 677 in Saitam, 8 in Chiba, 200 in Gunma, and 238 in Tochigi, Fuji TV reported.

Trains on the Seibu Shinjuku Line were also delayed in both directions after a train collided with a car at a railroad crossing in Sayama, Saitama. Police say the incident occurred at around 4:00 p.m. and that it was likely caused by the slippery road surface.

Police are urging drivers and pedestrians to use extra caution until roads and paths have thawed.

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They have thawed already.

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Wow, that is quite a figure! Thanks God, nothing serious happened.

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My family and I were almost in this number of traffic accidents last night in Tachikawa, Tokyo, the snow in the middle of a major street looked soft but by the time my car was on it, I found out that had frozen over and my car started to jump and slip all over the place, thank god/gods that I was not speeding because then we would have had a bad accident, I hope no one else hit this ice in Tachikawa.

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i saw a few a-holes speeding in the snow yesterday when i was out. what`s up with that????

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Maybe the numbers would be less if the local governments actually sent out gritters and vehicles to clear the main roads.

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I keep telling the drivers, just because ya have a 4-wheel drive doesn't mean ya have a 4-wheel stop - slow down!

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