More than 6 1/2-hour wait for Tokyo Disney Sea's new attraction


Toy Story Mania! officially opened at Tokyo Disney Sea on July 9. The attraction was highly anticipated, with excellent advance reviews, so a huge crowd was fully expected. But who would have imagined that the wait time for the ride at 10:30 a.m. on opening day would be a staggering 400 minutes? That’s a 6 hour, 40-minute wait.

On the ride, you get to feel like you’re actually in the world of "Toy Story" while playing different kinds of virtual games, so it’s definitely a fun-filled, interactive experience, and we all knew that Disney fans and "Toy Story" fans alike were looking forward enormously for the attraction to open.

And finally on July 9, the day anxiously awaited by all the fans, Toy Story Mania! opened to an incredible number of people desperately eager to try the ride. Pictures of the crowd and excitement were quickly posted over the Internet and have been the subject of much attention.

Here’s what Internet users are saying in response to the unbelievable crowd that gathered for the grand opening:

“400 minute wait for Toy Story Mania! You’ve got to be kidding!!!” “400 minutes??? Are they fighting battles to get in or what??” “You could finish watching all 3 Toy Story movies in 400 minutes!” “Man, the Sun will actually have set by the time you finish waiting!” “400 minutes waiting in this hot Summer weather? That’s one mean endurance test!” “I waited 4 hours for the Spiderman ride, but 400 minutes? Your whole day would be over!” “It’s should be called “Toh-ee”(“Far-away” in Japanese) Story instead of Toy Story!”

Apparently, the long wait time has astounded not just Disney fans but the Internet public as well. It does make you curious about the ride, doesn’t it? There are probably many people out there who want to go check it out, but just how long will this craze last? You can check the wait time on Tokyo Disney Resort’s Japanese website if you’re interested, but it looks like this information is available only in Japanese. (As of Wednesday, the wait time seems to be about 140 minutes.) If you have the chance to visit Tokyo Disney Sea, we hope you’re able to enjoy Toy Story Mania! without too long a wait.

Original Article by: Daiichiro Tashiro (Japanese)

Source: :twipple/mikko_20100518 (Japanese), twitpic/@aloha_mickey (Japanese)

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So you paid the park entry fee... were in there for 7 1/2 hours... and went on one ride...

fun fun fun

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Gotta have rocks in ya head to wait 6 hours for anything.

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I wonder how long the wait times for the other rides were with the majority of the people in line for this one. I can't imagine paying their ridiculous prices to get in only to get to ride one or two rides, nor stand around in this current heat!

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I am guessing that 90% of the people lining up had yearly passes to Disney land, and specifically took the day off to go on this ride. They wouldnt care if they did nothing else all day, as long as they got to ride it on the first day.

But i am pretty sure you could start a line in this country with 10 people, lining up just "to get to the front of the line" and within an hour you would have 1000 people lining up, patiently waiting to see what is "at the front of the line"

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What has Toy Story got to do with the sea?

You'd have to be daft to queue up six hours to go on a ride.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Just ridiculous!

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Longer lines than Tokyo Sky Tree!!! America rocks!!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Hopefully people keep getting drawn into the Toy Story line. That way we won't have to wait as long for the other rides.

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What mugs ! The same kind of people would get in line for an abattoir, if it had Disney branding and a queue already forming.

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I was there on the Monday the attraction opened.

I showed up at the gates at 8am, they opened at 9am.

Walked...yes walked to the queue area while my buddy ran to get FastPass ticket by 9:05am.

I waited for him in the standby queue and we met up by 9:15am.

Got into the attraction at 10:30am then had a nice lunch until 12:00pm.

We were on the attraction again by 12:20pm.

Fun ride and the Japanese will love it, especially kids.

Already been on the US versions of this attraction. Practically the same.

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ScroteJul: What has Toy Story got to do with the sea?

It's next to the water. :-))

The area is part of the New York "American Waterfront". This particular location is inspired by early Coney Island midway and carnival games. The attraction itself pays homage to the games. The design of the attraction building also has similar colors as the Coney Island facilities.

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