Over half of claimants yet to receive compensation from TEPCO


A consultation center that has been helping displaced Fukushima residents through the process of claiming compensation from Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) revealed this week that less than half of claimants have received payment in the first round.

As of Dec 31, of approximately 70,000 claimants who applied for compensation, only 34,000 applications were accepted, NHK reported

Some media observers have suggested that the low rate of payouts may be connected to the complicated claim forms, which drew harsh criticism last year when TEPCO distributed to evacuees not only a bulky application form package but also a 156-page instruction manual. Lawmakers criticized the company for making the application form needlessly complicated.

A TEPCO spokesman was quoted as saying that since the utility simplified the application forms last month, the number of claimants has risen sharply, NHK reported. He said that TEPCO will assign 1,000 more staff by March to help process applications and ensure payouts as quickly as possible.

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That's "regrettable"... But no surprises. Living in Japan you have to get used to morons being in places of authority.... The lack of efficiency and common sense is actually terrifying.

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TEPCO will assign 1,000 more staff

More people to hire, most costs for TEPCO, more loans from the government.

a bulky application form package but also a 156-page instruction manual

So ... I guess most of the people who got the manual used it for a bonfire to keep themselves warm. Issue more of these manuals!!

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That's so sad that these people aren't getting the adequate aid they need. I hope TEPCO gets their act together and pay out as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile TEPCO continues to ask the government for additional money to help with the compensation they are not making. "Regrettable" indeed!

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Why in the blazes is TEPCO in a position to accept or reject a compensation claim in the first place. Many countries have courts or court-appointed arbitrators to make such decisions. Of course, in Japan, the arbitrating authorities merely take orders from TEPCO but Japan doesn't even bother with the pretence of objectivity.

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DISGUSTING - TEPCO should be ashamed of itself.

a bow and a gomenasai is simply not enough for these victims, front up and do the honorable thing, at the moment you appear to be nothing more than brown smelly gunk found sometimes on the bottom of a persons shoe.

I know when we had a meeting with TEPCO officials they were doing many gomenasai's and bowing untill the leader of our association yelled that was not enough, the tepco dorks stood straight up, went red faced and listened as they were told in no uncertian terms they were screwing everyone around and their claim procedure was a joke.

They seem to think if they can baffle people and then push them around they will melt away into the back ground.

This outfit needs a BIG WAKE CALL !

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Should it read Less than half rather than Over half? Hope there's an English teacher around who can answer that. Little people little care or action, but more staff to be trained for at least a month (guess) in how to reject all but the most meticulous of applicants who fit within the narrow boundaries of acceptance. All heart in an egalitarian society. Government sends more money to other countries than seem willing to spend on those who have paid the tax that is sent elsewhere, they no longer continue to contribute so their worth appears to be zero.

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And you can rest assured that all the grubs who are shame-faced enough to work for that grubby company are still receiving their regular salary payments - life goes on for them. If you know of any TEPCO staff or live near them - give 'em hell, people!

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How are these people even surviving? They have been 9 months with no income now. Are their friends and family having to shell out to support them while TEPCO gets its act together?

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We're probably talking about families with children and older relatives to take care off here. Probably struggling along. Not wanting to make a fuss. I really feel for them. You'd think TEPCO would be bending over backwards to help these people. Again, shirk responsibility off your shoulders and keep on bowing to the great money god. People don't seem to matter to TEPCO at all.,

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Tepco has no SHAME!!

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People don't seem to matter to TEPCO at all.,

Not only TEPCO, but J-politicians, bureaucrat, and major media (TEPCO is a big sponsor, except NHK) are all corrupt. I don't understand why The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office do not search TEPCO Tokyo office for suspicion of cover-up. Those experts who are anti-nuke (Koide, Kodama, Takeda...etc) and anti-nuke journalists (Takeshi Hirose, Takashi Uesugi...etc) are hardly ever invited to speak at major media. Takeshi Hirose had pressed criminal charges against 32 people including TEPCO management and Monka-sho officials. This event was never covered in major media (that I know of), and the follow up story is just gone. If anybody know what happened to those people press charged, I would like to know. Thank you.

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@ Blair Herron. Exactly. You mirror my sentiments perfectly. Let's just keep acting as if everything is rosy and okay. Let's not tackle any of the nitty gritty reality. The 'I am alright Jack' mentality amongst the upper levels is quite astounding at times. Or is it just total indifference to the plight of thousands of people and their circumstances?

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Just march and sit in until they cop up. That Japanese take the behaviour lying down is astounding. Please stand up for yourselves

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This should be in the crime section, TEPCO makes people homeless. The shelters have closed, so how are some of these people living? So who can't afford the housing provided that is. Are the people living on the streets and parks in the big cities from Fukushima? It's just a cryin shame.

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I meant THOSE who can't afford the Temporary housing provided that is.

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They are simply lost sheep without a clear direction. These have to be told what to do.

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Journalists Have Pressed Criminal Charges Against Brainwashing Scientists and TEPCO Management

@Blair, thank you for the web. You go, Japanese journalists! I used to believe there are no morale and high ethics practiced among Japanese journalists.

The world foreign press groups will follow the progress that J. journalists will be able to bring justice for the total cover ups.

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"Some media observers have suggested that the low rate of payouts may be connected to the complicated claim forms, "

I guess TEPCO think tanks made it that way intentionally, cuz they know that Japanese hates "MENDOKSAI" so victims looking for compensation will turn away. And some did hahahahaha Until noticed by media , they simplified it. horah.... many claimants came.

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I heard a lot of the people getting the compensation money are crowding pachinko parlors because they have no job to go to.

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He said that TEPCO will assign 1,000 more staff by March to help process applications and ensure payouts as quickly as possible.

And the taxpayers will foot the bill for the ever-increasing staff used to screen the applications and process the payments.

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