Most poultry farms hit by bird flu have flaws in wildlife control


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Please write the laws clearly and in English too.

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Or it could be that the cramped unsanitary conditions just allow for infections to occur?

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Only natural to see they have run afowl of the agriculture ministry. I doubt the fine they face will be a poultry amount either. Now with the possibility of another avian flu, it’s a race against the cluck to stop the spread.

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@Gaijn: Excellent, but as you know, Birds of a feather, flock together.

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This really puts the hen in taihen.

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Geez... "flaws in preventative measures". Sounds like they took a page directly from the government's outbreak book.

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They could try not treating sentient, joyful, living creatures like bags of flour, stuffing them into small spaces and cramming them on top of one another for disease and injury to spread.

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