Mother, son perish in Toyama house fire


A 73-year-old woman and one of her sons are believed to have died in a residential fire in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

Police said a fire destroyed the home of Kazuko Shimizu and believe that two bodies found in the ruins are those of Shimizu and one of her two sons who lived with her. Sankei Shimbun reported that police are trying to expedite official identification of the bodies.

According to police, a neighbor called 119 at around 9 a.m. to report the fire. Firefighters mobilized nine fire trucks. The fire destroyed Shimizu's two-story wooden house and two neighboring buildings. No one was hurt in the other buildings.

It took firefighters about two hours to extinguish the blaze.

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One of Japanese media says the 73-year-old woman had a walking problem and the son had a speech disorder. So it can be easily imagined that the old woman was delayed in fleeing and the son was unable to call for help. RIP.

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All it takes is a 30.00 smoke detector to prevent these constant tragedies in Japan (and elsewhere). Simple mandate and tell the people they are irresponsible to not have one and they will comply. Many houses are old wood frame houses and are so tinder dry they burn fast and hot. A smoke detector lets you know right away to get the hell out of the house. Also there is seldom a second/3rd floor egress. They can design giant sky scrapers to handle scary earthquakes but cannot get people to use smoke detectors...just nuts.

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With a smoke detector they may have had a chance. But the old are often stubborn and don't listen to advice, you would think that if she had a walking disorder she would keep safety in her house to a maximum. Her sons should have made sure of it too

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