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Mount Fuji climbers to be urged to wear helmets


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we will strongly urge climbers to be equipped with a helmet, dust mask and goggles, in addition to a raincoat, headlight and protection gear against the cold,” said a local official.

such a heavy protection? is it for Astronauts or mountaineers ?!

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Really? If it actually erupted to the point that it was spewing boulders while you were up there, you'd probably die whether you had a helmet or not!

Climbing while wearing a face mask will just make it easier for you to suffer from elevation sickness.

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It is better to be careful a hundred times than to be killed once.

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I understand carrying these on your person as a precaution but wearing them the whole way up on a safe climb would be absurd, probably dangerous.

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I'd prefer to go without, that's me, such a small risk. Others may take most precautions but not the safest precaution-Don't go! Just like even riding a bicycle, accidents happen.

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The Japanese love their work helmets! I remember seeing three guys repairing an artificial grass soccer pitch wearing helmets. They were working in the middle of the pitch. I'm not sure what the overhead risk was was though. Possibly meteors or comets.

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The helmet can protect people from rocks rolling and going airborne from above as other people accidentally dislodge them. The goggles and dust masks can be kept handy but not necessarily worn unless necessary. Having clothing at hand for cold weather makes sense since it could happen that one must spend a lot more time than expected on the mountain (injuries, as an example).

Those of you reading and thinking they're saying these should be worn on one's person at all time are misinterpreting their message. There's a difference between being equipped with something and actually using it.

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Sounds like they want to set up a new revenue stream. Imagine the killing they'd make if everyone was forced to rent a helmet and goggles for 1000yen. And what's the bet they'd charge more?

How about the local prefectural provide them for free and leave it up to individuals to decide if they want to use them or not. If they're genuinely worried about people's safety shouldn't they use some of the money generated by the tourists to protect them? I'm sure there's some local old-folk who'd volunteer to hand them out.

Of course they won't do that, because they're just after money.

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mt fuji is an active volcano and can erupt anytime. Climb at your own risk. I think this will be better caution.

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Mt Fuji is at its most majestic from a distance. I climbed Mt Fuji years ago and was horrified at the amount of people on the slopes..nearly as bad as the ques for the attractions at disney no fun at all.

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It's better to wear a helmet than getting scars

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Awesome! Now maybe some people can put their garbage in the helmets instead of littering!

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a nearby volcano erupted without warning last year.

The 3,776-meter Fuji last erupted in 1707 but geologists have included it as one of 47 volcanoes in Japan believed to be at risk of eruption in the coming century.


Like many people commented, better to be alive. Or watch Fuji from far away.

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When Mt Fuji erupts people in Saitama will need to be wearing helmets!

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Carry them as an emergency kit, yes a great idea, but like the helmet under my desk at work for when a big earthquake strikes, I won't be wearing UNTIL the ACTUAL NEED arises!

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The funny thing is Japanese will actually comply. Agrees w kiwiboy. Ridiculous. When your time comes, your time comes.

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Hurryy I already climbed Mt Fuji twise !!!

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It's clearly dangerous to climb Mt Fuji. I propose the government build a wall around the mountain, about 1 km down from the summit. That will prevent people from getting too close to the top and being injured by flying rocks.

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Those of you reading and thinking they're saying these should be worn on one's person at all time are misinterpreting their message. There's a difference between being equipped with something and actually using it.

Assuming some of our regular posters are capable of thinking shows considerable kindness on your part.

IF there is an eruption, the number of injured or dead will be much higher on Mount Fuji than Mount Ontake for a number of reasons. SAR will be stretched and in danger themselves, but let's laugh at those responsible for trying to make things safer? The fact that the items are being added to "raincoat, headlight and protection gear against the cold" which quite a few clueless "climbers", including foreigners, don't bring on their little jaunt, says quite a lot.

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will helmets and goggles save climbers if Fuji-san erupts while they are on the mountain?

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Tell me about it Kaerimashita. This is lame.

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"Climbers crushed under avalanche of safety equipment"

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Anyone who has climbed mt Fuji will know that as well as the young and nimble JT readers who could so easily dodge any falling rocks, and misguided foreigners attempting the climb in flip-flops and shorts, there is always a large amount of elderly climbers doing the trek.

These guys have every chance of falling and hitting their heads, or requiring a gas-mask etc as soon as there is any sort of rumble. I think for these people the advice is quite useful.

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Better safe than sorry I say.

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I climbed Fuji the last 3 years in a row and the best time to go is right at the end of the climbing season between the 1st and 2nd week of September to avoid those huge crowds. Trust me its more relaxed to go at that time, and the trails are clean of garbage. I do carry goggles and face mask in my backpack for safety, but not a helmet. I have to carry a lot of items to deal with the extreme cold and wet conditions, because I have more concerns for the actual weather and I don't want to get sick up there. If an eruption happens, I plan can use my heavy backpack to cover my head until I get to one of those concrete hazard shelters if I am lucky enough to make it.

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ridiculous. Volcanic eruptions easily produce boulders as big as cars, i'd love to see the helmet that's gonna protect you against that.

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What. no advice to wear a face mask? could spell the difference between survival and not if she blows while on a climb.....

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"Despite being Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji is a relatively easy climb that can be done in less than a day."

Relative to what exactly? Climbing Everest? Yes it can be done in a day but it's not easy by any means.

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If they truly want to make treks up & down Fuji safe then STOP the hordes from going up & down all the time, the mass of humanity going up & down is CLEARLY the biggest risk to safety on that mountain!

And yes Fuji is much better from a far than actually climbing it, best to climb elsewhere

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Maybe hikers should wear aqua lungs and parachutes in case of an eruption.

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Wearing the helmets couldn't hurt, I guess. And in the event of an eruption, they may save a few lives here and there among the people not so close to the event. I'm staying off the mountain, though. That's my solution.

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It is better to be careful a hundred times than to be killed once. youd have more chance of being killed in a car accident driving to mt Fuji than actually being hit in the head by a flying rock. might be safer to walk than drive a car, might be safer to take a bus instead of walking, maybe taking a train is safer than a bus. maybe staying at home altogether is the safest option. may as well wear my helmet inside just in case theres a earthquake and the house collapses on me. cant live your life worrying about how you may be killed. using common sense is your best option and not over reacting

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