Mt Aso eruptions continue for 4th day


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The observatory does not expect the eruption to increase in scale.... Like they know for sure. They said something similar prior to Ontake.

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Like they know for sure. They said something similar prior to Ontake.

Totally different situation. Ontake wasn't even a large eruption, it was just unexpected and had people hiking near the spot of the eruption.

If nobody was there Ontake would have barely made the news. Aso is off limits to people so there shouldn't be any injuries associated.

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Actually Level 2 means an off-limits perimeter has been set around a volcano, in this present case on Aso, it is not to approach within 1 kilometer of the caldera, I believe...

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Wow! Japan sounds like a perfect place to build 50 nuclear reactors. They only have to worry about volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis and one of the highest population densities in the word. I don't see the problem, do you?

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Here is the map, as of today. Level 2 is the orange circle. Level 3 takes it out to the 2km red line.

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I visited Mount Aso twice. The first time was in 2004 however due to activity from the volcano in recent days I was unable to travel the crater which was disappointing. I returned in 2005 and this time was successful in having to opportunity to drive to the crater and peer inside this sleeping giant, that was until the sirens went off warning of plumes of sulphur gas which was blowing our way due to a change in wind direction. The whole region is kind of frightening to see due to many smaller volcanoes, I call them mini volcanoes, which are probably more or less pressure release valves for Mount Aso. You might ask why is this frightening? Glad you asked...these pressure release valves start kilometres away from Mount Aso suggesting that their is more to her than meets the eye. To hear she has awaken again stirs a personal interest for me. She is not as impressive as Mount Fuji which I have had the privilege od seeing first hand close up...but I wonder if she could be just as deadly?

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Just as well our honeymoon was so far back in time - I got to see the crater on horseback, with hubby running up behind. Very impressive ! (It's supposed to be a very famous place for suicides...)

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(It's supposed to be a very famous place for suicides...)

Yeah, so is shin-Koiwa station in Chiba -nine in the last two years - but it doesn't have the same romance as Mt. Aso.

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People forget sometimes that the caldera around Mt. Aso is actually quite large. As such, the potential for a GIGANTIC eruption--though very small--is there, and it could potentially erupt with the same volcanic ash output like what happened to Mt. Pintatubo in 1991, an eruption that litereally affected the world's climate for two years.

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The comment about nuclear reactors is totally irrelevant and absurd.

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In the 50's & 60's Mt Aso was a frequent overnight campout for scouts (kids from the Kyushu American bases). Our 6x (6 bys) would drive us nearly to the top, camp and climb the rest of the way in the morning. In 57, myself and 3 others slipped away from the rest of the campers and made our way into the chimney and right up to the sulpher fuming vent. It's a moment in time that I'll never forget (was 14 at the time- 72 y.o. now)

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