Multiple-vehicle crash in central Tokyo injures 5


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C’mon peeps, who are we going to blame today?

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Running red lights occurs so frequently here it’s truly frightening. It’s almost like red is the new amber for some people!

Do they have those red light cameras up at intersections which snap a picture of cars which have entered the intersection after the light has gone red? Infringement notice and fine is sent automatically by post to the registered driver’s address. They are very effective in changing driver behaviour in other countries and sorely needed here if not already in place.

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I suggest carrying small pieces of brick from now on.

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I was nearly hit on a crossing yesterday morning by a young woman in a K-car who was too busy looking at her phone to notice the red light. Anybody who doubts the reckless and dangerous manners of Japanese drivers only needs to stand at an intersection for half an hour and count how many drivers purposely run red lights. My personal best is seven cars at a busy intersection. And, I’m not talking about running orange lights. I’m talking a drivers who accelerated through an intersection well after the light has turn red.

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Not mentioned here but one TV news source mentioned the chain-store logo on the truck, and blamed the tight schedules that delivery drivers are expected to meet somehow.

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@nandakandamadna -

So, when we have auto-mated driverless vehicles, will the same tight delivery schedules apply and be met ?

And if they're not met, will we start to see Companies blaming Pedestrians, or Manually driven vehicles for those delays.

Can you imagine an equivalent to the "Boeing 737 Max" software fault being automatically pushed out as a software update to all driverless vehicles - absolute carnage.

Goodness knows what the future holds for us all.

BTW, you should see the driving in China. They can legally go through a red light if making a nearside turn... and do you think, they stop for those crossing the road ....?

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