Murakami's latest novel released in English to mixed reviews


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Murakami books are like temples and shrines in Japan: If you e seen one, you've seen them all.

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I really like his earlier works which were generally much shorter than many of his books from the last 15 years. After the success of his well written but lengthy "Wind Up Bird Chronicles", he's gone a few hundred pages too long on a few of his novels.

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A man of talent that really doesn't use it well. Over-rated author at best.

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very overated.

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A lot of this is due to the over-expectation that he will produce another novel on the scale of what he wrote in his youth. The fact that he now tends to publish a different version of the same novel rather infrequently exacerbates it.

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Without reading this latest work I am finding it hard to comment, although I generally agree with many of the opinions posted above. Killing Commendatore will probably be placed under the Christmas tree for me, I can guess.

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This article was just like his books.... difficult to finish.

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I wonder if the portrait painter in the new book cooks himself spaghetti, then sits in a cafe looking out of the window?

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