Murakami to publish first new novel in six years


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Details of the plot were kept under wraps to respect Murakami's desire for "readers to discover it without knowing anything beforehand", Shinchosha said at the time.

let me a hazard a guess: cats are involved, as is jilted love, jazz and suicide,

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let me a hazard a guess: cats are involved, as is jilted love, jazz and suicide

Are those what he often writes about? I’ve only read “Norwegian Wood” so I don’t know.

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Did he run out of money? I can't wait to read it!

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There will be lots of sex but no passion involved.

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Hope it makes more sense than the last book

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I enjoy reading his novels, but when I’m finished, I’m always left feeling,”meh”.

The atmosphere of his short stories are amazing, though!

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Loved all his novels. Hard Boiled Wonderland is my favourite, although A Wild Sheep Chase comes a close second. I got some way into 羊をめぐる冒険 but it was hard going for my level of Japanese.

Looking forward the English translation of the new book!

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I wasted my time with some of his novels, never again. Funny thing is, this is the effect he's probably looking for..

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One of the most overrated authors ever.

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Excellent, great news..

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Ryu Murakami is far superior

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Making himself “relevant” for a last-ditch bid for the now truly diminished Nobel prize for “literature”.

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A poor imitator of the American style. Chewing gum for the brain. Instantly forgotten as soon as the novel is over.

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There never seems to be a point or ending to his stories. They just meander along and then end a lot of the time. I still end up reading them though.

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The protagonist will be aloof and emotionally detached. The relationships will be superficial, the dialogue banal and humorless.

Fans will meet in a Showa-era watering hole to celebrate the release, and TV networks will cover the event.

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A poor imitator of the American style.

Of a certain American style, specifically one exemplified by Hemingway, Paul Bowles, Richard Yates, and Raymond Carver.

They were all far more interesting though.

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Murakami is so intriguing. After reading

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@plasticmonkey: Yes, I was taking shortcuts for the sake of a certain pithiness. I certainly didn't mean all American writing.

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