Murakami's new novel set for release in Japan in February


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There are people who really believe his stuff is "literature". Makes you wonder.

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Outrider: "There are people who really believe his stuff is "literature". Makes you wonder."

There's a reason Murakami is famous, and well loved world-wide, and respected in many, many nations. It's not because of the naysayers, that's for sure.

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Outrider, spoken like someone who's never read a Murakami novel.

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Very exciting. Murakami is a great writer, im really looking forward to the next book!! Not holding my breath for an English version though - im yet to see an English version of Men without Women in any bookstores around here.

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I put anything labeled "Literature" on a pedestal and leave it there. The rest I read.

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I understand, Outrider. Murakami probably needs to start singing his works to get the overdue (and now meaningless) Nobel Prize in literature.

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Todd Prepsky,Actually I have read him, otherwise I wouldnt comment.

Worthless, it is indeen now meaningless, agreed.

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You got to be kidding Outrider.

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Murakami's writing is "great" only to those readers who have never read great literature. That said, I have immense respect for him as a person and the fact that he has had great success as a writer bringing pleasure to millions is worth more than the award of the Nobel that some of his deluded fans continue to clamor for. I personally would rather bet on Kazuo Ishiguro (if he can find appropriate tunes).

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