Myanmar junta undecided on release of Japanese man: spokesman


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This just means the Japanese government has not yet agreed with what the junta is asking for the release of Kubota.

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It’s obvious. Look at what he was filming. Also his blogs and emails. If he is guilty of from this evidence of incitement and propaganda, imprison him for trial. If he is innocent free him now! Immediately! It only take one day to check all these.

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Japan's about the only friend Myanmar's got (controversially). They'll release him, as Virusrex says, as soon as they receive some sort of "investment."

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Japan's about the only friend Myanmar's got

burma has a vast array of valuable resources and cheap labor. The sharks are swimming around, ready to get so fing rich!

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Come on Japan, don’t be stingy—up the offer

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sad men that are in charge

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those that are "in charge" are not men, but uneducated boys acting on emotions, very sad country

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guy knew very well country he was at that moment and things he did so yes-these are consequences.

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Breaking the Law.

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