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Mystery, spy claims surround missing Japan-based Chinese professor


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India and pakistan have more then 66 years of history to this type of foolishness , ( creation heat between both country's peoples,) its result are only war (wast to human being and resources) and bani-fit is only help war tool industrious of EURO and america. wish japan not involve too much this old way, japan is very peace full country inside. i wish my second home always peace full place.

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It appears that Mr Zhu Jianrong needed some good ole fashioned Mao style "re-education", when he resurfaces he will tout the Xi style partyline 24/7......

Xi is doing his own purge, Document Number 9 is slowly but surely making the rounds.

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It seems that all Chinese citizens must obey its own rules and laws, in other words never against Communist China no matter where you go and live.

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which law? one that deprive one's freedom of expression? I have issues with the self righteous war propaganda tv programme, but how about internet sensorship? the professor should have been arrested way much earlier for reading 'would be sensored' contents in Japan. Same goes to millions of other chinese working outside china now.

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CCP China: a beacon of hope and inspiration for mankind, spreading the light of civilization across a troubled world, and saving us from evil college professors.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.

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Any Chinese person who does not toe the party line is an enemy of the state.

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Only Mr Zhou himself knows what the truth is. Many people have innocently been framed as spies, but also many people have been spying. It is as an old game. We have our Snowdens anywhere.

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