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N Korea defies U.N. censure to fire missile into Sea of Japan


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North Korea is a JOKE!! They are just like a little yap, yapitty CHIHUAHUA, no disrespect to those cute little dogs that BARK! BARK! BARK but the REAL bite will come from CHINA if North Korea gets too arrogant, CHINA is the REAL POWER and poor North Korea will end up not having that funny leader Kim chan with that messed up hair style!

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Sea of Japan

Oh no you didn't use that Japanocentric Imperialistic term for the East Sea JT, This this the very type of arrogance and historical revisionism that the people's of Korea must unite and fight against with the confident leadership of our Great Leader and the Workers' Party

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Keep on thinking the DPRK is a joke and you just might die laughing. Even yappy little dogs can kill you if they have rabies.The Kim clique has a lot more than bottle rockets and cherry bombs keeping tubby safe in his ivory tower. Most intelligence agencies have been aware for some time that DPRK bio-weapons laboratories have been working hard for years to reanimate apocalypse diseases like the Spanish influenza, vaccine resistant smallpox, antibiotic resistant bubonic plague, anthrax, tularemia, and several others. For just such a contingency, they could threaten to release them and precipitate an end of the world scenario if the regime was threatened. Holding the whole world hostage and extorting all of humanity would be easy for criminals like Kim and his cronies. Why should they care if their own country's population vanished in the process? They seem to be working towards that end anyway. China will do everything in its power to prevent any threat to the Kim junta. China has known for years exactly what the NK doomsday laboratories have been up to. Why would China provoke an infantile megalomaniac with the capability to kill 400 million of its citizens?

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All I knew was only individual would like to get a attention from another person but now I know that even A country (N.Korea) would want an attention from another country (Japan) or the whole world.Little by little this N.korea country is going a little bit too far.Brace your self everyone.

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And of course, somehow, someway, this will be blamed on Japan for 'instigating' things what with talks of revising the constitution and all.

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Huh. That's one way to catch fish I guess. Might be an idea for Little Kimmi to use that excuse to explain himself. The world might buy it. Maybe. They're kinda playing with fire though. Someone needs to teach NK that fire burns.

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They are dangerous to South Korea and not Japan.

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Why aren't they being shot out of the sky? What IF, and it is an IF, but life proves IFs come and go at a rate that should no longer be surprising, what IF they weaponise one of their rockets, we're been lulled into a sense of 'It's just another rattle of the sabre' but, hey, what, this one is coming OUR WAY...

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Why is Japan keeping low profile and deploying pac3 that they used to do? May be Japan is trying to establish diplomatic relation with North Korea (?!)

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not deploying pac3 correction please.

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South Korea was happy there were no reported missile firing in the East Sea?

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Excellent shooting. They hit the ocean yet again.

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“madcap war maneuvers”

Who writes North Korea's responses the ghost of Humphrey Bogart?

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The North Korean government is like the baby that acts out for attention.

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Hey, North Korea has WMDs, let's go in and liberate the hell out of them!

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Another trouble maker defying the U.N. censure.

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YongYang because it is a waste of money. Pac IIIs are not cheap and again Japan is in no danger from these weapons.

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@ Shinhiyata well said sometime people rattle off at the mouth but really don't understanding the real emotions and their comments are like the little bark meaning nothing but well said comment I agree

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NK's diplomatic history:

Missile test -> Demand aid -> Supplies run out -> More missile tests -> Demand aid...

The UN just don't have the guts to take any real action.

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Why should the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea give up its weapons of mass destruction? As I pointed out in a different thread two nations (Libya and Ukraine) gave up theirs and USA attacked and killed Muammar al-Gaddafi. The Ukraine has been invaded by one of the parties who guaranteed their sovereignty. The USA has done very little to help them.

My take is the DPRK flies these missiles to remain competent in their use. Then again perhaps they are old and this is a easy way to dispose of them. The Soviets did this with their SS-20 missiles firing them into the arctic. Thinks that the Republic of Korea and USA can learn a lot watching these flights.

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This article is about N Korea and S Korea so East Sea (Sea of Japan) will be better than just Sea of Japan. What is the purpose of N Korea? Trying to get attention and aids from China that is cozier with S Korea? Or it thinks Japan will side with it against S Korea for bad mouthing Japan weekly?

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This article is about N Korea and S Korea so East Sea (Sea of Japan) will be better than just Sea of Japan.


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@ShanchanJUL. 28, 2014 - 05:47AM JST

This article is about N Korea and S Korea so East Sea (Sea of Japan) will be better than just Sea of Japan.



No??? it is not NK and SK article?

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Yurei Otane - surely you can't be serious? The DPRK is not democratic, a republic, nor of the people. It is the world's largest criminal junta and organized mafia syndicate. The DPRK is the planet's largest producer of illegal synthetic drugs, counterfeit currency, and banned poison and germ weapons of mass destruction. Such actions negate any reference to a 'country' or 'nation'. The Kim clique has perpetrated a genocidal pogrom of subjugation against the inhabitants of that land resulting in the starvation deaths of millions!!! The DPRK operates a huge network of slave labor gulags where multiple generations of families are imprisoned without reason. The so-called leaders in charge are delusional paranoids with access to enough VX, sarin, and tabun nerve gas (and despite what you think - the missile systems to deliver them) to render all of the Korean peninsula and Japanese archipelago uninhabitable for centuries. Who cares about Libya or Ukraine when some of the most hideous crimes against humanity ever perpetrated are still going on right next door. All you need to worry about is whether you have a gas mask or were born before 1970 and received a WHO smallpox vaccination.

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My name is spelled Otani Yuri and yes I have had a smallpox vaccination within the last 10 years. While you are right the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (proper name) must be a real censored to live. There is no way for them to change. As soon as they give up their weapons within a year or two will be invaded by the South. Being isolated makes them even more paranoid and if they think the PRC will turn against them ....So they fire old scuds into the ocean. Really do not see this as Japan's problem. Abe should make it clear to Kim that Japan will remain NEUTRAL in case the Korean civil war starts again. I would not fight for them and if the ROK can not beat a starving bankrupt country they deserve to lose their independence.

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Have you picked up a newspaper in the past half century? South Korea and the US are under a military cooperation treaty. In the event of hostilities by the DPRK, the US is obliged to respond militarily to assist SK. The US had repeatedly stated that a first strike nuclear attack is probable against the DPRK because of its huge stockpile of poison gas and germ warfare weapons. The DPRK may be starving and bankrupt but it also has over 500000 active military personnel driven by fanatic hatred for America and Japan. Since Japan is currently host to 40000 military personnel, 50000 family members, and 5500 civilians aides from the US, and since these forces are stationed to assist any US military activity in southeast Asia, not just Japan, they therefore are to be deployed in any military action against the DPRK. That makes Japan a de facto first strike target for any military action against the US and SK by the DPRK. Do you understand this so far? It is well known that installations like MIsawa, Yokusuka, Okinawa, etc... are permanently targeted by DPRK ballistic missiles tipped with nerve gas and germ warfare agents. The DPRK has repeatedly sworn to destroy Tokyo as revenge for the occupation and to cripple the economy of Japan in the event of hostilities against the Kim mafia. And they have the capability to do it with ease. Even their shortest range Rodong and SCUD Cs can hit Fukuoka, Sasebo, and Iwakumi with ease. It is well known that they have targeted Japan's nuclear powerplants for missile attack as well. The American bases get their electricity from them just like you do. These are sociopathic criminals we are talking about, not legitimate diplomats. Abe can say and do nothing to appease these lunatics. You can not remain neutral when dealing with the world's largest terrorist organization. Why do you think they are shooting those missiles towards Japan? They have enough artillery to flatten and gas Seoul at the DMZ without wasting their SCUDs on the south.. Not a problem for Japan? You can stick your head back in the sand now.

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Say what you think about North Korea, one thing is clear; the government is mentally unstable. Shooting rockets into the sea proves nothing. The world is covered by my sea than land. ANYONE can do that. North Korea is simply being a coward that gets given a second chance then turning around behind the victors back and saying they won.

Why North Korea is still aloud to exist beats me. The graphic threats they spew out on a regular basis is jail worthy.

I really hope that they get smacked back to reality soon before they put more lives in danger.

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Abe should make it clear to Kim that Japan will remain NEUTRAL in case the Korean civil war starts again.


I agree with you.

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UN is a joke. Ruled by the permanent seats. USA,russia and China tests their ICBMs in a yearly basis.

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The current status is that DPRK has ramped up missile tests. The end status, which may take decades, is that they have enough nuclear-tipped missiles on hand to think they can start shooting them off. If they go all in, Japan is not immune, unfair as it is to blame the current generation for the war instigated several generations ago. US is protected only by its distance, and DPRK is increasing pad count and gantry size at missile test station(s) so they may be working on that. Considering the isolation and bunker mindset of DPRK leadership, even relatively friendly China is not immune, and Beijing is well within missile range. Imagine the status 20 years from now if DPRK leadership is still in place.

May 6, 2014 ... A few days ago, the US news leaked out that the US believes the North has succeeded in miniaturizing its nuclear weapons to the point where they could be fitted on its ICBMs. ...

China has drawn up detailed contingency plans for the collapse of the North Korean government, suggesting that Beijing has little faith in the longevity of Kim Jong-un's regime. ... Leaking this to Japanese media is a slap at the face of the North's regime. They hate Japan with a passion, and have repeatedly provoked Japan with missile launches over Japanese territory. ...

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