N Korean daughter of Japanese abductee could visit Japan this year


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Question??????????? Are the Yokotas in denial or is it the newspaper print? If Megumi Yokota married and had a daughter which the paper report as being 26 year old Kim Eun Gyong why is it so hard to write or say in print the "grand daughter of the Yokotas"?

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Question??????????? Are the Yokotas in denial

Short answer : yes.

why is it so hard to write or say in print the "grand daughter of the Yokotas"?

During a decade, the Yokota's PR team was demanding that. But well, these people are suffering, they have the right to be irrational, to reject their grand-kid, to change their mind, to eat sushi every Saturday...just that's boring news. But the attitude of Japanese media and officials is silly. Thousands were lost in the sea after the tsunami... and the successive governments feel the need to concentrate their energy on "13 ... kidnapped in the 1970s and 1980s".

the issue has been a major stumbling block in normalizing ties between the two countries.

A pretext. Japan, stop the circus, just say you don't want to normalize ties. Nobody will blame you for not dealing with this insane regime.

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