'Nadeshiko Japan,' '3.11' voted top buzzwords for 2011


Japan's World Cup-winning women's soccer team Nadeshiko Japan and 3.11, the term used to refer to the March 11 disaster, were the the top buzzwords at the 2011 U-CAN Awards for newly coined words and words in vogue.

Other words that made the top 10 were "kizuna" (solidarity that binds us), "kitakunanmin" (referring to people unable to go home on the night of March 11), "Fuhyohigai" (damage caused by rumors) and "kodamadeshoka" (used constantly in public service announcement ads by production house AC Japan in the weeks after the disaster).

Non-disaster-related buzzwords were "dojonaikaku" (Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda referring to himself as a loach prime minister), and "sumaho" for smartphone.

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Great to see the Nadeshiko up the top. I hope they continue to hold the limelight, and do well at the olympics etc.... also I wonder if the founder, manager of AKB is presently seething over this snub??

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To have better nipponjins we need everyone using the same words, an talk about the same topics. No exceptions allowed.

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noriyosan, Open your eyes, you are not seeing the whole picture. 99% of the problems were caused by years and years of bureaucracy . The current government were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Worse thing this country can do is go back to LDP. It's time to move on, the system isn't working, the events of 9-11 proved that.

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3.11 isn't a "vogue" word, it should be used in remembrance

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You mean the word "gaijin" didn't make it in?

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I would have thought セシウム、汚染 cesium and contamination would have been right up there. Funny as I haven't seen 'kizuna' anywhere lately.. Oh I would bet bequerel found it's way into many people's lexicon too. I didn't know what cesium or bq meant til March and I am 40. Lol

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Great, I got -6 points!

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These words were obviously selected with political considerations in mind. It's absurd that 風評被害 is mentioned and not 想定外、原発村、直ちに影響はない、脱原発, etc. All of these got far more air time than the erroneous government term 風評被害for actions that people take to protect their children's health from government lies.

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This topic is just so amazing!! Yeah right!

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I'm glad that positive word "Nadeshiko Japan" was selected as one of the 2011 U-CAN Awards. Japanese are hard time because of the disaster as 3.11 was selected one of the buzzword in 2011. However there are some good news and it cheers Japanese up! I'm almost crying every time I see a scene which members of Nadeshiko Japan are rising a trophy.

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