Nara railway workers save turtles from grisly death


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What a fab and easy solution to the turtle problem, I am glad that someone has took the time and effort. it looks cheap and it seems to effective. well done!

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Then only last week I saw the ad on TV about how that wobbling collagen from dead turtles miraculously transforms into supportive collagen in the faces of women. I hope Suma Aquarium will at least put that idea to bed while it is saving turtles.

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ummmm look at the photo, it's blocked at the end, how do they cross?

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Between 2002 and 2014 their were 13 disruptions in total and after finishing installing the bypass last month they already saved 10 turtles. It is better to stop over stating the figures or there is something seriously wrong with these statistics.

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ummmm look at the photo, it's blocked at the end, how do they cross?

They are caught and put into the pot.

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Fine work and a nice story. Good show.

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I hope that JT posts more articles like this in he future.

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I am in Nara living along the one of main rivers and a lot turtles walk up the hill and end up getting hit by cars driving along the road next to the river. Because of the kid in me, I brought one back to my apartment and it ended up on a neighbor's balcony.

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I hope whoever took the picture was kind enough (after checking for trains) to flip the one turtle off his back. A grisly end would be preferable to one of dehydration.

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ummmm look at the photo, it's blocked at the end, how do they cross?

It looks like they can walk under the metal bar. The white ditch-like area seems to be very deep; much deeper than the height of a turtle.

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Dogs, cats, rabbits, goats and even penguins have also been promoted to station-master—a largely ambassadorial role in highly automated Japan.

how about foreigners?

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we have a similar thing here in the UK, but our case its frogs and toads crossing or trying to cross a very busy road, the solution is to place a plastic tube under the road but to guid the frogs and toads to the entrance they placed a low plastic barrier to guid them to the entrance,

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What a nice story! Good to see conservation of wildlife carried on by voluntary effort on a local basis.

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