Narita airport gets OK to expand hours for takeoffs, landings


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4.5 hours sleep for local residents seems pretty reasonable.

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(Psst. Fukuoka's an "international gateway" too. As is KIX.)

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Expanding usage of  Haneda is the way forward for Tokyo.

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> WakarimasenToday  06:32 pm JST

Expanding usage of Haneda is the way forward for Tokyo.


And additionally, a way forward for the rest of Japan is to expand the number of domestic flights out of Narita. To get to my wife's family's home in Tohoku for our annual trip there, we have to schlep our kid and all our crap through the train system (and pay an arm and a leg), or take that stupid bus to Haneda for a connecting flight up north. It's beyond ridiculous.

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So if you live in Tokyo those new flights will be unusable because the trains will have stopped running already. That's some great planning, I'm sure tourists will be so happy at having to pay for an expensive taxi on top of the bus/train from Narita!

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Actually I bet early in the morning it will be arrivals from overseas & from 2300 to 2430 will be departures so while not idea will be workable for the most part

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Are they adding Narita express and buses to support leaving and arriving at those times?

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