Narita airport to expand LCC terminal to address congestion


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That's great news! Now if they could also just slide Terminal 3 a little closer to Terminal 2 that'd be great. Yoroshiku.

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The bus from Terminal 3 doesn't even reach the Terminal 2 building! You still have to walk across the whole bus station just to get to the doors! It's as if they want to enhance that 'budget' feeling, along with the 'half-built' look of the Terminal 3 building. Having said that, I thought the vegetarian food at Terminal 3 was miles better than the other two terminals - absolute FA when it comes to any sort of choice. Great if you're into halal food, I suppose.

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Need to extend 16R/34R runway to handle larger equipment and use it to drastically expand domestic routes.

Why the hell, after flying for 13 hours, should I have to screw around with trains for 5 more hours (or take the crappy bus to Haneda) to get to my family's home in Akita City? I should be able to make a flight connection at NRT.

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They completed this terminal I believe just 3-4 years ago and now it needs already an expansion. The same with Chitose airport, int'l terminal. Such kind of things are very expensive and guess who will bear the cost of it? I doubt that there were any planning or forecasting regarding the passenger flow at NRT or CTS if they need upgrade so quickly.

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I think the problem is that the Tokyo to Sapporo and Tokyo to Fukuoka routes are proving to be a lot more popular than people think since the Hokkaido Shinkansen to Sapporo won't open until 2035 (!) and a lot of people don't wan't to be stuck on a Shinkansen train for five hours between Tokyo and Hakata stations. No wonder why Narita Airport is expanding, and they may need more expansion at Haneda, too.

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