Narita airport to reopen part of Terminal 2 closed due to pandemic


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No doubt this is related to the Olympics. What other "expected recovery in arrival numbers" are there?

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If it stops planes carrying infected passengers from arriving in Tokyo then Great, let them all amass in Narita.

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I did not know Japan is opening to the World

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I did not know Japan is opening to the World

I am sure Japan would open to Chinese and Korean tourists since that's 90% of your tourism --- too bad those countries would not allowed them to come.

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This makes sense, as Japan has done such a good job stockpiling the vaccine we can all feel safe knowing it's in a nearby warehouse, so it's time to open to more variants.

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Narita is such a small (and inconvenient) airport in the first place. Hard to believe they closed part of it down when it's so small anyway.

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No gaijin with an I.Q. above 50, would want to go to a country that has no actual control of COVID-19. News outside of the country (read CNN for example) have interviews of Osaka doctors who say they have been choosing who gets oxygen and who doesn’t.

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3000 in Osaka waiting for covid hospital admittance, but the hospitals are all full!

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Unbelievable. The higher the infection numbers the more is reopened? That fits in line with all those Olympics morons , similarly insisting in superspreading the viruses as much as those killers can.

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an expected recovery in arrival numbers.


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