Narita operator to soon apply to gov't for runway extension, addition


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They hope it will be built in the 2020's, if there is opposition to the third runway and extension like there was for the original Narita construction, it's a pipe dream to think they will get it done so quickly!

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Great. Now when are they going to take down that darn "Down with Narita" sign?

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Under the new plan, the length of a 2,500-meter runway will be extended to 3,500 meters and the third runway, which will be 3,500 meters long, will be built in the 2020s.

So, Narita might actually finally have 3 runways, 50+ years after it was supposed to!!

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As a worker at Narita Airport... This is a good news. I can't wait to work more.

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Google earth shows the new lengthened threshold of runway 34R as well as supporting taxiways are ALREADY built. The farm and the owners house between the extended section and the present runway will need to be paved over. A large section of land lost not to mention a life to start over I hope they get generously compensated.

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So, Narita might actually finally have 3 runways, 50+ years after it was supposed to!!

Because Japan respected the people's wishes and held off building the 3rd runway. That's way.

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I don't care what they do to the runways, as long as they open Narita up to more domestic routes so I can catch a connection up to Akita when I come in from the US to visit the in-laws.

Now, I have to either ground-transfer to Haneda from Narita, fly into Haneda to begin with (less options/more expensive), or take 6 hours of trains after I've already been travelling for most of a day.

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