National memorial for quake, tsunami victims to be built in Fukushima


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What's the point of a memorial when many of the living still don't have homes?

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Yeah, @Bertie said it. What's the point? You still have a kind of living memorial all around you. If you need a reminder of the disaster, just ask the people still living it.

also, I know this is to get tourist visits, but how can you build a memorial to honor the dead when we don't know how many are still dying from the radioactive fallout of that plant?

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Agreed, why waste money upon Memorials when you have real issues to deal with. Also.. whilst we're at it, what happened to all the donations ?

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 how many are still dying from the radioactive fallout of that plant?


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Well, it doesnt exactly say dying.... but cases of Throid Cancer can be connected to the event:

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