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Nature journal retracts stem cell paper


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With the writing in BOLD on the wall - - it is time RIKEN stopped pussy-footing with pseudo-researcher Obagata and penalize her . . . . .The stench of the cover-up is beginning to permeate internationally - - - with mostly the excellent j- researchers losing credibility.

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I want to know why Nature eventually accepted this flawed work, after first rejecting it, when it originally viewed it as a joke.

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I would hardly call Obokatas co writters excellent researchers either. They all ran and left her with the bag.

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scoobydo:I would hardly call Obokatas co writters excellent researchers either.

True. However, there are many good research projecst happening in other RIKEN iresearch centers . . so the longer they drag their feet and not act decisively, the more it discredits others who are engaging in legitimate work.

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@JeffLee: I wanted to know the same- I asked a friend (she's a research scientist): According to her, it's usual for papers to get rejected once or twice, with requested amendments. Things like adding more data or explaining something more clearly. She said it's not unusual for many scientists to just wait a month and resubmit the same document with no concrete changes (so maybe using different words or changing the graphs slightly).

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I'm waiting for the movie. Someone in Hollywood must be working on the screenplay right now.

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Just go for a PhD in a science. You'll learn all about rejection and getting over butt hurt.

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I'm surprised Waseda has not yet revoked her PhD, considering she essentially plagiarized the entire intro of her thesis. She has no integrity, she does not belong in research.

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