Navy reviewing crew wearing Trump patches aboard ship in Tokyo


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JT, What does this have to do with National news? This has no relevance on Japan. Japan has no legal say in what US Military wear as part of their uniforms.

Moderator: Because it happened in Yokosuka while Trump was visiting the base, which makes it partly national news.

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Morons! I hope they all get charged for violation of the uniform

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Zichi writes: Its also not normal to salute if not in military uniform.

Not sure what you mean by "not normal," but the UCMJ says that while it is "not required" to salute when not in military uniform, it is "not inappropriate." If you are talking about the US President saluting, that is also his prerogative and not inappropriate at all. When I was on active duty and met my commander, even when we were both in civilian clothes, I would DEFINITELY salute him. In fact, if I didn't salute when I was not in uniform, it would be that I didn't know that they were a superior officer, or it was in a kind of inappropriate situation. I would still not salute indoors, if I met someone in front of a restaurant with civilian guests, etc..

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What kind of idiots celebrate a multiple time draft dodger who thinks not getting VD is akin to going to combat in Vietnam? Navy isn't picking the best and brightest I see.

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"Make Aircrews Great Again"

I salute these guys.

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"Make Aircrews Great Again"

What are they now then?

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Strange how only the far right military feels the need to show their political stance...these are the people that make our military weak...because if they can't be one, then they can't fight together...

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