Needle found in soup at Gusto restaurant in Tochigi


Police in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, said Monday that a needle was found in soup in a Gusto restaurant on Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the 4-cm-long needle was found by a woman customer who poured soup into a bowl at the soup and salad bar at the Tomatsuri branch of Gusto which is operated by the Skylark Group, NTV reported. Nobody was injured and no other needles were found, police said.

Police are looking into the possibility that someone may have placed the needle in the soup.

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Highly unlikely that you can catch a needle in a ladle, unless the needle had been pushed through a solid chunk of vegetable or something. In soup a needle would sink to the bottom and without an awful lot of splashing around would probably not rise high enough to jump into a soup ladle.

No, on the face of it, the police should be maybe questioning this woman first.

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I had a big piece of plastic in my soup once at Gusto. Complained and they wanted to give me a new bowl. I paid and left.

Lucky the woman did not put it in her mouth.

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Police are looking into the possibility that someone may have placed the needle in the soup.

LOL!!! Now that we got that part of it narrowed down.....

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Thank God she didn't eat the needle

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what can you do about such things? If the soup was open to the public as this was it would be impossible to stop. Maybe CCTV on the salad bar?

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I found it difficult to believe this happened on purpose. It's a common (yet dangerous) oversight. Guess someone in the kitchen wore a brand new shirt.

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I now hate the idea of soup and salad bar. It leaves a security loop hole open to pranksters.

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What a waste of police time and effort.

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Improved the flavor, no doubt.

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Someone most likely placed it in there for a 'laugh'.

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Not cool, the only thing I have found was a bunch of hair

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I once found a piece of chicken meat in a Gusto chicken soup but happily no needle. So, was it a customer, staff member, wholesaler, maker? We may never know.

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Next time you go to Gusto, order the needle soup.

Its not bad, but It has a sharp aftertaste!

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I found it difficult to believe this happened on purpose

You know I would like to agree but I am but I hope you are not so naive to think that it was a pure accident.

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Got used to unusual things in my food while in China, this wouldn't even make news in Guangdong...

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At Gusto they should count themselves lucky they got some soup with their needle.

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National news? ..... ok everyone, look out for needles in your soup. Now that this made national news, there'll be copycats who'll try the same thing at other family restaurants.

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She was probably some old gal crying out for attention. It's so obvious it's pathetic.

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Did she order chicken needle soup?

I hope she didn't give the waitress the tip! Ouch!

Anyway, I bet the customer stuck it there herself and is now trying to pin it on Gusto. She will be stitching wallets in jail with that same needle if she gets caught. You reap what you sew!

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They will probably pin it on the customer.Often it is. Maybe someone misread the chicken nOodle soup recipe.

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ohhhh, i miss Utsunomiya gyoza !!!! So delicous !!!

Dangerous !!!!!! Killer soup

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I guess someone have placed it there. Japanese cooks and staffs are not that stupid and crazy to destriy their reputation. This is funny though.....I am fond of eating KUROAME candy. I usually buy it at Kombini store. You know what I found, it look like one pubic hair. and it was already in my mouth. Geezzzzzz....

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