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New anorexic patients up 60% among young people in Japan


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Blame it on the media which glamorizes the thin, which they call "beautiful".

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People act strangely under strange conditions.

Freedom needs a comeback.

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Nice propaganda piece, a big ‘up 60%’ in boldest possible letters at given data of a few hundred exceptional cases throughout a country of 125 mio. people. That’s a very very seldom disease, not more not less. Of course it’s a big problem for the few affected ones, but not at this scale. Better care about all those bullying , no-future-depressions and suicides, that’s more a real big problem in younger age groups.

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Again with the lack of hospital beds excuse. What exactly is going in Japanese hospitals that they keep running out of beds for patients that need to be hospitalized? Are they really that low on supplies and equipment? Why isn't this issue being addressed?

Also, this is a blaring cry for the Japanese government to start really investing in mental health services which are still sorely lacking in this country.

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They sure miss the delicous food. I think they're just lazy. Just eat and exercise.

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Anorexia is a very serious psychiatric disorder and is the highest cause of death amongst females between 15 to 24. The causes are still not known. and there is no agreed-upon cure. Blaming social media is an easy way out - the condition appears to be far more complex. It seems to affect people who are predisposed to mental issues who get triggered by something in their environment. Catherine Pawley's excellent TedX talk at Leamington Spa is a very informative look at what it feels like to suffer from anorexia.

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I remember Karen Carpenter dying right in front of our eyes. Very sad.

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Anorexia is a very serious psychiatric disorder and is the highest cause of death amongst females between 15 to 24

Even the most cursory Google search reveals this is not true. But that's OK... After all, 26.5% of statistics are just made up.

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I used to have a girlfriend who suffered from this awful disease. Despite everything I and her parents tried to do to help, we watched a beautiful, vivacious young woman starve herself to skin and bones. She's no longer with us.

Anyone being flippant about it should shut the eff up.

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when the media, fashion, and entertainment industries stop beating it in people's brains that thin is beautiful, things will change, until then nothing will change.

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J-girls getting phat

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STOP advertising JUNK foods on kids channels and during after school hours, remove these JUNK food and Cigarette vending machines from areas near schools, Stop opening Convenience Stores across the street from schools and you will see a significant drop in all sorts of health problems.

Kids are bombarded with JUNK food even Alcohol adds daily.

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