Emperor receives 1st briefing from Abe


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Abe is believed to have explained spring decorations to be conferred by the emperor, according to sources close to the matter.

Meaning, Abe told him who is going to receive the decorations from the Emperor! But if the discussions are so secret, they how can this be speculated upon with any accuracy? Shouldnt the person or persons who leaked it be forced into resigning?

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about the current situation at home and abroad

The emperor doesn’t already know these things?

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Monarchy is a waste of space ( and taxpayer money)


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Monarchy is a waste of space ( and taxpayer money)

While I might agree with that, I also believe human beings need a symbol in their daily lives to give them some sense of "home". Just like the Tokyo Tower/Skytree for tokyoites, you might never visit its observatory or have any impact on your daily life but it might give you some comfort when you watch it from somewhere far away or while landing in Japan. Japan without the Emperor is not Japan. That's one of the reasons Japan assassinated Korea's Empress Myeongseong

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I wonder if the Imperial Household Agency allow the Emperor and Empress to have internet access and see for themselves what is happening in Japan and the rest of the world? Do they have a SmartPhone, or even a gara-kei? Never seen any pictures of them with one.

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This is only a headline because its the first time (of hundreds) that will happen,

In the UK the Queen still has a weekly (confidential) with her Prime Minister.

I am sure the Queen also is aware via the TV and Internet of all worldwide events.

Why do the liberal masses, particularly prevalent on this website feel the need to do away with all traditions? Do you wish future generations to grow up without any culture or tradition?

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