New exhibition at Stonehenge probes Japan's prehistoric cultures


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Wow Stonehenge has really changed since I danced naked to the sunrise in the center of the stones thirty something years ago!

I recommend any long term residents of Japan to travel around and visit the many small Jomon museums. I’ve been to at least four this year. Yayoi Period is also incredibly interesting. You probably will need a car. Go for it!

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When I was a kid you could just stop and wander over to have a look. I remember running around the stones as a very small boy, save my family there was no one else there. Now it is fenced off and commercialised.

At school we were always told it was built to observe/celebrate the mid summer sunrise. Modern research is showing it was originally for the midwinter, death and connections to water as a portal to the spirit world.

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Stonehenge in England and similar stone circles in Japan are mysteries which can never be solved and they had better remain unsolved mysteries becaise once solved mysteries are lost and they are no longer mysteries and no one would be interested in them any more.

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How were the stones weighing tons placed to stand upright? We do not know. How were the Pyramids built? We do not know. We do know how the Great Wall of China streching thousands of miles was built. Many workers died building the Great Wall of China. Very likely many workers also died building the Pryamids and Stonehenge.

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The Jomon arrived long before Japan became Japan and they were not Japan's ancestors either !

Somewhat similar to the people that built Stonehenge not being England's ancestors. But in both cases, they are partial ancestors. I've read that about 10% of typical Japanese DNA is from Jomon people.

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Stephen Chin

How were the stones weighing tons placed to stand upright? We do not know

Sorry you are wrong, it is known, a simple principle of leverage and muscle power. Fairly easy really, of greater debate are the cap stones and how they were got in place.

The pyramids actual building is fairly well understood, the amazing and impressive part (as with Stonehenge) was the societal organisation, planning and the original conception and design.

Pity there were no pictures with this article, I would be fascinated to see the claimed parallels of cultures so geographically and temporally (in travel time) separated.

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When you think about it, if you could trace your family back 125 generations or so, then you'd probably be near to when Stonehenge was being put up. In comparison, when you look at how your Kids have advanced in comparison to yourself, one has to wonder at times, if we're taking a step backwards.... :)

Anyway, Humankind has come a long way since then... but it took 125 generations (or so) to get here.

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