New expressway toll system goes into effect in Tokyo, Osaka


A new expressway toll system went into effect Sunday on the Shuto Expressway in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Hanshin Expressway in Osaka. Distance-based toll systems now apply for vehicles equipped with electronic toll payment systems, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said.

Previously, flat rates were charged on the two expressways. Cars entering the Tokyo expressway paid 700 yen, 600 yen on the Kanagawa expressway and 400 yen on the Saitama expressway, regardless of distance.

Under the new system, the minimum rate for ETC-equipped cars is 500 yen, and 100 yen will be added for every six kilometers, the ministry said. Nine hundred yen is the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Fuji TV said that cars without ETC will be changed 900 yen on the two expressways regardless of distance.

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Another tolls rip off especially with the economy like it is. Whichever way you look at it, it is just another 200 yen increase. There are some cases where a trip on a highway is very short and not worth paying 700 yen for, but with all this new ETC system, it would be easy to to calculate those short distances and discount accordingly. Most trips on the highways will always end up more than the 6 kms charge so we will end up paying the maximum of 900 yen. Very tricky.

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As if the tolls weren't expensive enough. Well at least I know not to take the shuto again. You just lost my money...

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From one entrance to the next exit is sometimes greater than 6km ... So if you need to travel more than 2 exits ... Yep its a 200 yen hike. Why pay 500 yen for 1 exit - when using the regular roads are free and sometimes faster.

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It would be nice if all of the cars WITH OUT ETC just clog all of the surface streets, say right their in front of NAGATA CHO, to kind of PROTEST these stupid new rules. Why in the hell should we have to pay 900 yen when these people with ETC only pay 500 yen!! What a rip off! and most of the shutoko is a joke anyway, made in a hurry to show off Tokyo before the 1964 Olympics.

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It would just be a laughing matter for us non-Tokyoites if only the Gaikan loop was complete.

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Rip off

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...And to think all Expressways were supposed to become "Free-of-charge" after the Tokyo Olympics (at least, that's what I heard...)

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