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New hotels must be wheelchair accessible before Tokyo 2020

By Yoshikazu Tsuno

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Nice. How about schools?

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Before making regulations, does government hear sufficiently the voices from people who have handicap??

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why does it take a Mega event like the Olympics to realize this?

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Wouldn't most hotels of that size already qualify? They would have elevators of course, and wheelchairs already fit through doorways, so getting into the room would be no problem. Maybe just a matter of being able to get into the building itself.

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New hotels must be wheelchair accessible before Tokyo 2020

So "old" hotels don't need to be? And what is the definition of a "new" hotel anyway?

This is poorly written

New hotels in Japan with more than 50 rooms will be required to provide wheelchair-friendly accommodation, the government said, as the country gears up to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

This is a little better but still does not define what is a "new" hotel. Also this "rule" has NOTHING to do with the Olympics, it's about the future, and it's about damn time!

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I thought this was already a given for any reputable hotel, regardless of any event.

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Here's a novel idea: Require all facilities open to the public to be barrier free. Of course, there are no other countries on earth that have such laws, so there needs to be studies and meetings before anything is implemented.

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Welcome to 1992.

Hasn't wheelchair/handicapped accessibility laws been around for decades now?

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"Hasn't wheelchair/handicapped accessibility laws been around for decades now?"

Sure, but there are still a whole lotta buildings in Japan that you have to negotiate a set of steps before you can get to an elevator that isn't big enough to fit a lot of wheelchairs.

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