New life springs from despair of tsunami


A man and his wife who survived the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, but lost their home in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture, returned to the scene on Tuesday, with their newborn daughter who was born on March 12.

Shigeru Sato and his wife Yumi walked amid the debris of what used to be their home. Sato’s brother, Shoichi, a local firefighter, was lost in the tsunami while guiding evacuees to safety. “I am living a new life on his behalf,” said Sato.

Speaking of her baby daughter, Yumi said: “We want her to have a bright future full of hope. That is why we called her Nozomi.” The name Nozomi (希美) is written in two Chinese characters meaning "hope" and "beauty."

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what a sad but beautiful story.

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Not there so I can't say for sure, but, should a new born be in this area?

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Good luck (福)with the baby.

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Welcome to our world, little Nozomi. We want you to have a bright future full of hope, too.

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What a beautiful name for a daughter. I too, sincerely hope that Japan will find the way to eliminate most nuclear reactors on its own soil so that little "Nozomi' can have a chance.

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i am teary eyed because of combined sadness and happiness !!!

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the japanese will push on as they must for the next generation. welcome to the world, nozomi.

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