New Murakami novel goes on sale for excited fans


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My goodness, I fail to see how anybody can get excited about a Murakami book...!

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Have you read Murakami novels in Japanese? Didn't think so.

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Nice try!

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Literary critic Yoshinori Shimizu earlier suggested that, when written in the alphabet, “Tazaki Tsukuru”—which appears to be a man’s name—is an anagram of “Tsuzuku Tikara”

Clever indeed, but no one would romanize 続く力 like that; it's either tsuzuku chikara in regular Hepburn romanization, or if you like kunrei romanization, tuzuku tikara. It's a bit of a stretch to "find" this in the man's name. A good effort, though, and I'm looknig forward to the book!

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there is something very special about Murakami's books - i can't quite put my finger on it. it's like there's a constant feeling of, me the reader, being on the verge of making a really deep philosophical realization but never quite getting there. i think that's what's why i'm addicted to him anyway...

if you haven't read one of his books - give it a chance! "Kafka on the Shore" is my favourite ^^

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