New radioactive water leak detected at Fukushima plant


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Sensors at the Fukushima nuclear plant have detected a fresh leak of highly radioactive water

It's been leaking for years now. The news is they have installed sensors.

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Tepco again can't find the source of a radioactive leak? Open your eyes the entire plant IS a radioactive leak!

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Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said the sensors, which were rigged to a gutter that pours rain and ground water at the Fukushima Daiichi plant to a nearby bay, detected contamination levels up to 70 times greater than the already-high radioactive status seen at the plant campus.

TEPCO is nothing but an environmental criminal and the J-government and the nuclear regulatory agency are co-conspirators. But, of course, no one at TEPCO is criminally responsible for any of this. So, really, no news here -- move along.

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Abe in September 2013:

"Responding to growing global concerns about Japan’s handling of the Fukushima nuclear clean-up, Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, said he would reassure Olympic officials meeting to decide the venue of the 2020 games that the trouble-plagued accident site posed no danger to Tokyo. 'The government is moving to the forefront and we will completely resolve the matter,' Mr Abe said"

“I want to explain [to IOC delegates] that in 2020 this will not be a problem at all,” Mr Abe said, promising “radical measures enacted with decisive will” to stop leaks of contaminated water at the stricken nuclear plant."

"Let me assure you, the situation is under control" - Shinzo Abe 2013

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TEPCO said its emergency inspections of tanks storing nuclear waste water did not find any additional abnormalities? Ah, so it's highly radioactive "mystery water"

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Get ready for stories like this every now and again in the long-term future.

And in Shikoku (and other places around) solar panels fill unused ricefields. Eyesores or whatever - though I don't mind them, at lea they are useful - I don't have to worry if I have taken my iodine tablet, or if the fresh fish or fruit is going to kill me. We read far more about leaks, radiation and 'evil' TEPCO than energy alternatives, even on JT.

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"pours rain and ground water into a near by BAY" Interesting.

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"Let me assure you, the situation is under control" - Shinzo Abe 2013

Preceded by "There has been no meltdown" - Yukio Edano, 2011

What next?

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“We have shut the gutter (from pouring water to the bay). We are currently monitoring the sensors at the gutter and seeing the trend,” -You don't say . . . .

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I bet this isn't even 'new'. They've probably just decided to let this story out to the media.

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I wonder whether Prince William will be asking how the clean-up process is getting along?

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Hmmm... and this latest 'accident' just happens to come immediately after the IAEA said it would be okay to release water into the Pacific. Good old TEPCO.

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But, the great leader Abe said, "it's under control!", didn't he? How could this be? Was Abe lying just to secure the Olympics? Is that possible? (Sarcasm)

It makes me wonder who is running this circus! The monkeys or the clowns?

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Definitely the 3 monkeys- just smile and keep on eating Fukushima produce and all will be well!

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Everything is just A-OK at Fukushima these days. What was that about trying to get international reviewers shut out?

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Olympics in five years, and they do not even know where the intensely-radioactive molten blobs of former reactor vessel and fuel reside, nor their condition. Several times we got Neutron flux indicative of new criticalities, but they have stopped.

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“...we have no reason to believe tanks storing radioactive waste water have leaked,” he told AFP.

... you know, other than the fact that they ARE of course possibly the part he muttered under his breath.

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How MUCH? Who in their right mind cares if it is "70 times average" if it is teaspoons per fortnight?

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.....I might not speak perfect JAPANESE, but- when i was shopping, I heard an Obasan saying, " dame-dame. Fukushima no gohan ABUNIA desu-" Then, when approached to investigate the matter, i scratched my head wondering why the Fukushima rice (BY FAR) was the cheapest. In fact, there were scores of it untouched. Sad.

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Radioactive water leaked, Sorry about that. It might be a RAT behind the leak and we will be deploying more CAT in the field.

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Japan doesn't seem to be that good at managing these things....

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Those nasty TEPCO people, dumping water into the bay! Not taking any precautions!!


Look at this diagram that I found on the Hiroshima Syndrome website:

NO PRECAUTIONS. Well, except for re-routing the drain to the inner harbour so that contamination can't reach the sea. NO ACTIONS. Well, except for promptly closing the drainage channel.

These TEPCO guys, sheesh!

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