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New research scandal brewing over Alzheimer's study


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That is disgusting and they should be sent to "JAIL".

How dare they give false hope & make people pay for nothing. That is fraud.

Must be long jail terms here.

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What's really sad is that the most extensive evaluations indicate that the only medication approved for Alzheimer's disease is useless and can actually make it worse. Alzheimer is an incurable brain disease that slowly deprives its victims of the ability to function and the only thing that the drug does is to supposedly reduce memory loss. It's useless. Therefore it will not cure it but only slows it down.

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data in clinical studies might have been skewed to falsely promote Diovan, which is also known as Valsartan, in the prevention of stroke and angina.

Okay, I see this scandal. But am I the only one that does not see any details about the Alzheimer's study?

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I have been actively supporting local Alzheimer's organization here in US and I have seen enough sufferings. They are waiting for cures. All researchers involved in this false claim should be sent to jail. This is a serious crime.

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I doubt anyone will go to jail over this. But the woman who said "You own a cow" even though you only owned half a cow or a quarter cow got nearly 3 years jail.

That said, I hope and pray that all big pharma snake oil salesmen get long prison terms.

Just yesterday I was talking about the sham of the HPV vaccines with co-workers. These big pharma charlatans seem to be untouchable.

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****It's all corrupt, they are like a mafia where they get the doctor's to join, promising them lot's of money every year, like a million or more...and these doctor's have to prescribe junk drugs, like this alzheimer's cure and psyche meds and it's a waste of time and the drugs are toxic. The doctor's ego, arrogance got them into those jobs... The alzheimers people are low on connections with people in life, and it runs it's course and they run out of people and connections, the brain isn't stimulated, their life is over, brain not used anymore, too few people in your life, not sensing any importance, they have wound down, sometimes quickly. There are different types of alzheimers and to understand it all would take honesty and years of collecting data, so big pharma knows this, they collect the data and they sit on it and give out meds that don't make a difference. It can come quick causing quick death which I saw in one 52 years old lady, or drag on slowly or be induced with aluminum...is all I know. One thing for sure is if you don't join that big pharma mafia, they won't help much keeping people alive and well.....they are just making doctor's wealthy to keep them busy and rich to make them stay out of their hair because these guys are smart enough to figure it out what big pharma really is....NWO population reduction. Drugs mostly meant to manage your death not your health. Grocery stores are killers with GMO perfect looking food that tastes like nothing, vitamin-less and even stops adsorption of vitamins from real food. Only organic food, just picked has vitamins.

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A small literature review that I did for a presentation while in University indicated three known paths to the development of Alzheimer's disease. The path that each of us can control is to have a diet rich in anti-oxidants (fruit, vegetables, vitamin supplements) to neutralize the roaming free radicals that eventually cause cell death in the brain and consequently Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, brain exercise can create multiple neural paths for accessing information and performing cognition so that even if one path is destroyed, the other paths remain for relatively healthy brain functioning. Prevention like this is better than medication.

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Snake oil sales have been around as long as there have been sick people, I do believe there are natural remedies for some problems how we tell what is what? If you believe the guff about these supplements TV your we'll on the way to oblivion.

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This is a big betrayal of the patients hoping to get over Alzheimer's disease. I hope they will be sent to jail.

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Um, while you may have some good points about past scandals, this article is about the J-ADNI study, about which, as slumdog points out, we know almost nothing so far.

Moreover, the accusation of misconduct apparently came from one of the principal investigators in the J-ADNI study, an ex prof. at the Univ. of Tokyo. So, until more info comes out, I'd say we don't really have much to (intelligently) comment on, except the fact that the whistleblower in question is taking it seriously.

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@Valerie I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.

This is Big Pharma backed by the International bankers as usual. They don't really want to cure you, they just want to profit from you. Note that they always say 'treatment' not 'cure'. They've doing the same thing with cancer, and not many people know that there has been a cure since the 1920's because they've been suppressing such information. Here's an eye-opening documentary that pretty much explains everything. It's about 90 min long, but really worth watching.


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pharmaceutical firms are nothing but legalized experimental human laboratories big budgets and very power

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