New station on Tokyo Metro line to be called Toranomon Hills


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We will soon be able to walk from one station to another completely underground.

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Anyone who can't be bothered to walk to Toranomon Hills from Toranomon Station is clearly not too interested in going to Toranomon Hills.

This smells suspiciously like a smoke-filled-room, brown-envelope set-up to me. Still, as we've seen from the Ghosn affair, Japan has no tolerance for corporate malfeasance, so doubtless any wrongdoing will be rooted out and put right, with the full sterilising spotlight of publicity brought to bear on the execs who singed off on it.

Oh wait - TIJ.

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It's so obvious as the above comments prove, "Will of the people" is just a paper cover for a corporation using tax payer money for its own benefit. Bet there will be no transparency or accountability, nor any investigation as to why or who was behind this need for a station between stations.

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Absolutely no need for a station there. The distance between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki is not that great.

Seriously, if that was the reason, there would be more value in having a station between Kamiyacho and Roppongi stations called Iikura Katamachi.

The power of Mori!!

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I guess MORI does own like half the office buildings in that area (not just Hills, but the whole district), it's 'fitting' for them want to build a new station and for them to name it.

But I wish they'd quit with the charade over the station being at all relevant to the Olympics. And no, I also don't believe his name was the 'will of the people' at all.

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It's a rubbish soulless development, sorry.

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Not really necessary. The distance between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki stations on that line is not that great. The clout of the Mori Corp in action.

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My husband works in that building so this is good news, his commute will be a little easier in a few years.

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According to an internet survey targeting some 2,000 people conducted in September, about half of the respondents picked the name Toranomon Hills.

Were most of them employees of (or paid by) Mori Bldg?

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