NGO urges Japan to halt training for officers from coup-hit Myanmar


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Japan has had an odd relationship with Myanmar (Burma) since the war. It is not healthy. Japan must realize that access to resources does not necessitate coddling dictators.

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Shameless behaviour.

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Stop this now, this has been going on for too long. NGO should go public and have a press conference at the FCCJ.

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What excuse is the ministry going to use to continue training the officers? there may be excuses for some kind of support and activities that if suspended would have a negative effect on the population of Myanmar (medical research and training for example), but this is clearly not the case.

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Fancy that!

Japan training foreigners to kill their own in a foreign land.


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Since 2015, the ministry has been hosting Myanmar cadets and officers for training. Even after the coup, the ministry accepted two cadets and two officers in 2021 and did the same in 2022, according to Human Rights Watch.

And training fees and all other expenses during their stay are covered by the Japanese government, by our tax money. First of all, why should their IDs be kept confidential?

ミャンマー軍留学生、授業料免除・給付金提供へ 防衛省

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It's just dollars. More for a near-bankrupt Japan.

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If the alumni of Japanese training go on to commit atrocities, it doesn’t say much for the training they got. Japan must stop helping to prop up an illegitimate military regime that is committing atrocities.

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Better to train them than let them go amok.

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This MUST STOP until a democratically elected government is back in Myanmar.

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And don't call it Myanmar /Burma because it became officially Myanmar a long time ago.

so what do you call turkey

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