Night-time diet pill under fire from Consumer Affairs Agency


The Consumer Affairs Agency has reprimanded the maker of a diet pill over ads that claim people can lose weight while they sleep after taking the pills.

An advertisement for the popular diet pill "Nighttime slim Tomami-chan" reads: "An easy diet solution while you sleep," under which the subtext says: "No effort required at all; simply take one pill before you go to bed."

However, the Consumer Affairs agency has flagged the medication for having no reasonable grounds to support the advertising claims and has asked the company to take measures to improve its product and ensure that similar missteps do not occur again in the future, TBS reported Friday.

According to the agency, the diet pill has sold over 1,540,000 units since October 2011 when it launched, and earned 5 billion yen in revenue for its maker, Commerce Gaten.

A company spokesman said, "We understand the gravity of our actions and shall devote ourselves to improving our product and ensuring that similar transgressions do not occur again," TBS reported.

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5 billion in revenue for false advertising and only a slap on the wrist. I know what my next job is, sell fake pills.

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This is right up there with those stupid Power Balance bracelets and hologram stickers for your surfboard, which are still on sale all over Japan. When will people realize, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!

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I must really try to improve on my "misreadings"... I thought they had found a pill to slim down the Diet... Might even have been a good idea ! (Except that apparently it doesn't work...)

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You probably know how to finish the rest of this old saying - A fool and their money...

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I thought they had found a pill to slim down the Diet... Might even have been a good idea !

That pill would make $TRILLIONS if they could get it to work on Congress!

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It must be a laxative. That's the only weight loss drug over night.

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It Should read that Consumer Affairs Agency is not under fire for not doing anything sooner about Night-time diet pill

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Hear, hear, @wildwest!

I was shocked to hear there even is a Consumer Affairs Agency, though, given the dire state of consumer rights and product descriptions.

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