Niigata gov't to handle radioactive mud stored since Fukushima crisis


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There is no way to dispose of radioactive waste!

Storage is the only way to cope with it.

It seems farcical that the only substance mentioned is cesium and nothing else!

8000 bequerels per k/gis is a safe number? Where are the studies to prove it?

And why is waste being moved out of Fukushima - what is the sense in that?”

Finally, the article doesn’t mention any recompense which Nigata prefecture will receive.

How much money will change hands?

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This is definitely one of those "not in my backyard" situations.

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Hmm, it does not say specifically WHERE they will “dispose” of this. A landfill but WHERE?

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They will come up with something after lots of brown envelopes have been exchanged.

TEPCO and the Japanese Government should be ashamed of how they handle(d) this disaster!

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The solution to pollution is dilution. I always thought that was supposed be a joke.

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Which Cesium are they discussing?

Cesium 137 is actually not so bad as its radioactivity decays in realistic increments. For example it loses half of its energy in thirty years and three quarters in 60. TEPCO is surely betting on waiting out some of the worst of this, which is why they concreted the sea floor within the harbour at Fukushima, reckoning it should last for a good 50 years before it starts to crack up.

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how is it possible that a company is licensed to create radioactive industrial waste but can claim not to be able to dispose of it... ?

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How are they disposing of it? Radioactive material can not be cleaned.

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TEPCO and the Japanese Government should be ashamed of how they handle(d) this disaster!

a prerequisite for being ashamed, is caring....

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