Ninja house in northeastern Japan faces risk of demolition


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A few pictures might have helped garner some interest in preserving this part of the national heritage.

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This is all I could find. Nice little house. No pricing however.

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“The house was built in the late Edo Era (1603-1868)”

If that is true it would seem that this is a bit of exaggeration: “used as a ninja base hundreds of years ago”.

Anyway I live historic places/architecture, so hope this place doesn’t end up demolished.

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Correction I love historic...

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Most Japanese tell me they are from samurai stock. That is what I love about Japan the most is the fact that peeps can lie with such earnest honestly.

I tell them that I don't want to look behind the historical curtain but guess that some of my older rels have records.

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To wade into the descendant argument, most people do have direct royal lineage, they just cannot directly show it. Today's 130m Japanese are mostly descended from the 5m or so (guess) who lived in Japan 1000 years ago.

Everyone is descended from an Emporer, even if illigitimately. And given that the samurai caste was abolished 150 years ago, about 5 or six generations have gone, giving between 32 and 64 ancestors. One of the is likely to have been a samurai.

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