No. of centenarians in Japan reaches record high 54,397


The number of people in Japan aged 100 or over, as of Thursday, was a record high 54,397, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced Friday. The number is 3,015 higher than last year, TBS quoted a ministry spokesman as saying.

The oldest woman in Japan is Misao Ogawa, 115. In August, the Guinness Book of World Records also recognized her as being the oldest woman in the world. The oldest man in Japan is Sakari Momoi, 110, a resident of Saitama.

Shimane Prefecture has the highest number per 100,000 residents at 82.46, TBS said.

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Is this based on number of them collecting pension or the government officials have actually seen them? Just asking.

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Good comment!! How many of these are actually still really alive??? Or their kids are cheating the collecting ¥¥¥ pretending that grandpa is 150 years young!!

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how many are living in closets

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What's the point of living at age of 100? I don't want to live with test tubes inside me...

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It's nice that Japan's living expectancy is high, but what's the point of living so long when you can't do anything?

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Oh well heres another hike in health insurance on the way.

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Factors such as health, personal experiences of being, and the support system of society makes it actually possible to determine and predict a person's longevity. Personality is also considered to be important. However it's the positive attitude about ourselves and the ability to adapt to change and all of life's challenges that can make a difference. In other words the key factor in aging successfully is the perception of events. But personally I wouldn't want to live to be a centenarian. That's way too long . I would rather check out earlier.

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