No. of dead and missing from 2011 disaster stands at 21,586


The National Police Agency said Monday that the number of deahs and missing persons attributed to the March 11, 2011 disaster stands at 21,586 -- 18,498 in the disaster itself and 3,088 persons who have since died as a result of stress or illness recognized as being related to the disaster.

According to the NPA, the death toll in Miyagi stands at 9,538; in Iwate, it is 4,673, and in Fukushima, the death toll is 1,611. In other prefectures, Ibaraki had 24 deaths, Chiba 21, Tokyo seven, Tochigi and Kanagawa four each, Aomori three, Yamagata two, Gunma and Hokkaido one each -- for a total of 15,889 dead.

Currently, the remains of 90 victims remain unidentified.

The NPA said 1,269 persons remain unaccounted for in Miyagi, 1,132 in Iwate, and 204 in Fukushima.

Meanwhile, police and Maritime Safety Agency personnel on Monday conducted another search for missing tsunami victims in the three disaster-hit prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, Fuji TV reported. Such searches have become common on the 11th day of each month, conducted at the request of families of the missing. No remains were found.

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Please stop searching for the missing, they are lost, give the families some closure!

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Gogogo - you might have noticed this: "conducted at the request of families of the missing". If you have ever lost someone or have known someone who has in such tragic circumstances (which I have), you will appreciate that 'closure' does not come with 'stop searching' - it comes with finding definitive evidence that their loved one has in fact gone. Eventually they will find people. Children. Parents. Brothers, sisters, spouses. 'People' to those who are still grieving.

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Why the total? The disaster is far from over-the release of radioactivity is ongoing, with no sign of an end in sight! The radioactive contamination has been documented as far as Ibaraki and Tokyo. The end of the disaster?

Not by a longshot.....

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@rik what makes you think theyll still find remains at this point? month after month after month nothing is found anymore. It's over

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Such searches have become common on the 11th day of each month, conducted at the request of families of the missing.

What part of the article you didn't understand. Just because you have given up you have to give the relative some ray of hope!! These families are looking for something to bring them to peace.

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kaimycahl: I understand, please stop the searches every month, they are lost, you are giving the families false hope, they wont be found.

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