No. of deaths due to snow-related accidents passes 100


The number of deaths attributed to snow-related accidents across Japan has surpassed 100, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said in a report on Friday.

The agency said that as of Thursday afternoon, the number of deaths was 103. Of those, 23 were in Niigata Prefecture, 21 in Hokkaido and 15 in Yamagata, NTV reported. Seventy-eight deaths came during snow removal work, including people falling off roofs. Seventeen died in avalanches, the agency said.

Of the total, 67 victims were aged 65 or older.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency is urging people to be careful while clearing snow from roofs.

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It is amazing to have such accurate information-how about deaths from radiation poisoning?

That would be news!

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This is very, very sad, but it just breaks my heart to see these old people, living all by themselves and trying to survive in that horrible cold lonely snow, and when they interview them they say, that their kids have gotten married and moved away, ok?? And leave granma or granpa to fend for themselves??

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Perhaps this is how Japan will get out of pension payments? Honestly though, why are over 65 year old people thinking it is a good idea for them to be scaling their roofs to clear snow and the like? They can pay for people to do such things - and in many places, the cities were offering the service for free.

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I think it is a moral crime to leave ones parents and or grandparents or great grand parents to fend for themselves in those terrible, snowy freezing conditions, very shameful indeed.

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This scares me. Fiance is moving to Niigata City (near Sekiya station) and I will join him in about 2 years. I'm scared of being killed like that. I'm coming from a very tropical area (South Texas).

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El, do you have older Japanese PIL? They are stubborn and many refuse to leave their home. Sorry but no, it isn't the "kids" job to look after your 65 year old genki parents. More so when you have kids and a family of your own.

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delitachan, stay off your roof when it snows and your chance of survival increases dramatically- note more than half of those people died while clearing snow from roofs. A fair number of those deaths were probably at least partly due to a lack of common sense. Same thing happens during typhoons here every year, guaranteed.

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Sorry, the article says more than half of them died while clearing snow, not necessarily from roofs, but I'm guessing a large percentage of them were on their roofs. A lot of the others will be elderly people who don't cope as well with falls as younger people. You'll be fine, I'm sure.

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The heart attack rates soar in snowy areas because out of shape people are... clearing snow. Look after yourselves, use some common sense... these deaths would be minimized.

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