No. of takeoffs, landings at Narita surpass 5 million


The number of takeoffs and landings at Narita International Airport surpassed 5 million on Tuesday.

At 11 a.m., JAL Flight 413, bound for Helsinki in Finland, brought the tally of takeoffs and landings to 5 million. The plane's captain was given a bouquet of flowers at the departure gate prior to take-off. All 137 passengers also received a gift.

The number of flights in and out of Narita is expected to increase at a rapid pace now that a new terminal entirely dedicated to low-cost carriers has opened.

The airport opened in 1978 and was for two decades a battleground between riot police and farmers and radical groups opposing the government taking their land. In recent years, things have quietened down.

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And it was the happy ending to an airborne birth, recently! Like it or hate it, Narita serves a good purpose, and I'll continue to use it to go back and forth from the west coast of Canada.

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It's i look forward to 5,000,001 (!)

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Curious that it was JAL, eh? Especially when its scheduled take-off time was 10:30, not 11:00. With the gift-giving and all, it sounds suspiciously planned. Did it make national news?

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Narita is a lot better now than in the old days. I remember sitting with other passengers on the floor waiting for a flight, as all the seats were taken up! And having to take 4 commuter trains from central Tokyo to get there as the skyliner would book up well advance. The single terminal was like a bus terminal, the single runway the LA highway on Memorial Day.

People and international organizations complained, prompting the improvements, a bunch of NWA pilots in an Osaka bar once told me. It often pays to complain in Japan.

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Then there are the huge number of cargo ships that flow in and out, and people in Japan like to think of this country as an isolated island nation.

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I'm excited to go to Narita Airport on July 29th!

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Japan like to think of this country as an isolated island nation. in terms of trade no, in terms of foreign acceptance in both culture, ideas & immigration.... absolutely

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Is this news? Who cares?

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