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No. of traffic fatalities exceeds 2,000 for Jan-June


The National Police Agency said Tuesday that the number of traffic fatalities reached 2,005 on June 30, which was 71 more than for the first six months of 2012.

By prefecture, the most fatalities were Shizuoka (88), followed by Hokkaido (66) and Tochigi (48).

The NPA said it plans to step up campaigns to crack down on drunk driving and raise awareness of seatbelt use.

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The NPA said it plans to step up campaigns to crack down on drunk driving and raise awareness of seatbelt use.

The NPA SHOULD enforce penalties instead.

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That's only a 3.5% increase... A statistically insignificant increase.

That being said the number should be brought down at all costs...

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That is a tiny number per capita

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A crack down? Where? Every second car I see has some wombat playing with his/her phone and kids jumping around in the front sea. I guess the j-flops' idea of a crackdown is a two day campaign in Sumida-ku.

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I'm surprised Okinawa was not in the top 3.

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people need to be taught not to run in the middle of the street without looking both ways and drivers need to be taught look around you before you make a turn. there's some lack of situational awareness sometimes.

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the only surprise for me is that it is not more (ref: what disillusioned said)

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That is a tiny number per capita

That's becaue it doesn't actually include everyone who died due to an accident. Only those who die within 24 hours of the accident are counted. It you die after 25 hours, it doesn't get included in this number. A great way to make it seem like traffic fatalities are not really an issue when they are. Gotta love stat manipulation.

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Traffic fatality statistics from the Japanese National Police Agency use "death within 24 hours" for national monthly and annual comparisons. They also provide seperate detailed statistics for "death within 30 days" which is common amongst many countries for international comparison. Both timeframes have merits and demerits which can include or not include death from other causes. Insurance companies also have a need for varying "ageing" traffic fatality statistics.

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